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SPC Earns the GPWA Stamp of Approval!

As an online casino gaming industry watchdog, Slots Play Casinos provides as much information and advice as we can.  We have reviewed many online casinos and have published guides to gaming for many games or game categories.

We see ourselves as providing an important service to gamers who prefer online casinos over land-based casinos. It is always good to be recognized for our hard work.  In a sense, then, SPC belongs to our readers!

Thus, the happy news that your Slots Play Casinos has been given the GPWA Seal of Approval.

What is the GPWA?

The letters stand for Gambling Portal Webmasters Association.  In a sense, the GPWA is the watchdog of the watchdogs!  The GPWA gives its Stamp of Approval based on a strict set of criteria.  For example, the GPWA examines a site such as Slots Play Casinos for its professionalism.

What is Professionalism in the Context of Online Casino Gaming?

From the outset, SPC has felt that we have to report both sides of any issue from casino reviews to gaming advice to any negatives small as they may be that go along with the positives of the same casino.

We have published many playing guides for gamers.  These guides cover casinos and games in general and also cover categories of games.  So, readers of Slots Play Casinos news articles will often read such things as gaming should be first and foremost fun.

We tell our readers that online casino gaming should be one of many forms of entertainment they pursue.

We believe that we were the first site to say that online casino play takes casino gambling, which is all too often found at land-based casinos, and turns it into casino gaming!

What Criteria Does the GPWA Use to Decide if a Site Deserves its Seal of Approval?

As an industry watchdog, we have our own set of criteria when we review a casino.  The GPWA has its own set of criteria when it does its own due diligence for online casinos and sites like SPC.


We spoke about this already but we then merely scratched the surface.  Professionalism in the casino gaming business means encouraging gamers to see gaming as fun.  Gaming is not a get rich quick pursuit although some gamers do get rich quick playing a progressive jackpot slot.

In addition to fair reviews of casinos, SPC describes the many positive aspects of online casino gaming.  We have a section that describes online casino banking and the need for sound time and money management.

When you browse through Slots Play Casinos, you will see many categories of information that explain every aspect of online and land-based casino gaming.  The articles or news section has literally hundreds of articles that cover casino gaming in full.

We Write Original Content

In the world of the internet, there is a temptation to fall into copying other people’s work as a way to increase one’s own output.  We have never succumbed to this kind of temptation.  The GPWA Seal of Approval means that not only does the GPWA recognize our commitment, at this time, to never copying another person’s work for our own gain, but that we are sincere in our commitment to never do so in the future.

Independence is Indispensable

The GPWA places great importance to a site such as SPC to be independent of the casinos we review and recommend.  We show our independence in several ways such as recognizing weaknesses or failures in casinos to acknowledging that there is still a place for land-based casinos even as we promote online casino gaming.

Where Can I See the GPWA Seal of Approval?

On the SPC home page, the seal of approval is displayed at the bottom of the page.  The GPWA is very strict in its criteria and even uses the term “to abide by strict criteria”.  It would be so much easier for the GPWA to be lax in its approval of sites but that would shortchange online casino gamers who do need to be able to trust sites that the information they receive there is correct.

Slots Play Casinos Going Forward

We are so thankful that the GPWA saw us as a positive influence in the world of online casino gaming.  As you read the many criteria by which the GPWA decides who gets the seal of approval and who doesn’t, you will see that the terms honesty and professionalism are at the forefront of the conditions the GPWA considers before awarding or not awarding its Seal of Approval.

This great honor spurs us on here at Slots Play Casinos to get even better in the things we do well and to improve in the areas that we do less well.  SPC is only a few years old and to have been awarded the GPWA Seal of Approval must mean that we have been doing things right most of the time!

Thank you to the GPWA and thank you to our regular readers whose loyalty has impressed many people in the online casino business including the GPWA.

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