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SPC “Travels” to Revisit Lincoln Casino Online

Lincoln Casino came to the internet in 2013.  A decade has gone by so we here at Slots Play Casinos feel that the time is ripe to revisit Lincoln Casino.

In our first review of Lincoln Casino, we were happy to report that the casino uses WGS Technology for its games.  Most of the casinos we have reviewed use the more prominent SpinLogic gaming technology so WGS was a welcome change of pace.

Travel Cyberspace with Instant Play

The fact that Lincoln Casino uses WGS Technology points to one of the bigger advantages gamers at online casinos have over their counterparts at land-based casinos.  That advantage is simply that you can go from one casino to another from the comfort of your home and a couple of taps or clicks.

This contrasts with what players face at land-based casinos.  First of all, if the land-based casino is a stand-alone casino, there will be no other casinos to go to for a change of venue and a new selection of games.

Furthermore, if you are playing in a hot city in the summer, you are a lot less likely to walk a half mile under a boiling hot sun to get to another casino that might not even offer an alternative set of games.  If you are playing at a casino hub in a more moderate climate, it could still be very hot outside if it’s summer or very cold if it’s winter.  It could be brutally humid, it could be raining, or it could be snowing.

Instant Play allows you to play directly o your internet server so you can join and play at many different online casinos without burdening your computer’s hard drive with a large casino download!

Smooth and Advanced Graphics and Animation

In the ten years since Lincoln Casino began its journey in cyberspace, there have been many technological developments in graphics and animation for online casino games.  WGS Technology has not lost its place in this competitive milieu of games and features.

Gamers enjoy a full library of slots that are entirely different than the slots offered by the ubiquitous SpinLogic game development house.

Features in Slots

WGS is best known for its prolific sense of humor in games.  This is most seen in slots.  Here are just a few of the many slots featured at Lincoln Casino in which WGS Technology’s sense of humor shines through:

  1. Crazy Cat Lady
  2. Bunny Bucks
  3. Scream
  4. Lilly’s Pad
  5. Pot of Gold
  6. Western Call
  7. Amanda Panda
  8. Big Foot
  9. Ingot Ox
  10. Jester’s Wild

WGS uses all of the modern animative techniques for bringing the wild symbol to life.  Gamers can revel in many different wild symbol features.

Careers in Online Casino Game Development

We can remember when there was just a small handful of online casino game developers.  They looked at the technology of the time, some 30 years ago, and saw only a modicum of possibilities.

This is vey much like the guitarist who looked at his guitar in wonder at the end of “Back to the Future” when Marty played a heavy metal riff that the professional guitarist couldn’t believe was actually “in” his guitar!


There are by now many careers being made in game development for online casinos at WGS, SpinLogic, and many other game providers and the niche is far from filled at this point!

Who thought that there were expanding wilds, exploding wilds, sticky wilds and so many more features with wilds just a short time ago.  Lincoln Casino came online just as the revolution in animation was getting started and is riding the wave so to speak!

Safe and Secure Banking

Possibly the single most important factor that separates the reputable online casinos from those with a poor reputation is the safety of gamers’ money and private information at the casino.

The safety of your money at Lincoln Casino is supported by the best encryption software available.  You might not be aware of this but your money is protected by many businesses through encryption software.

Your bank has a website where all depositors can access their accounts.  This information is available only to the depositor because the bank uses encryption software to keep all others in the dark, so to speak.

Do You Shop Online?

If you are a 21st century person, you most definitely shop online.  Some people buy their entire wardrobe online!  Some buy “only” airline tickets, hotel reservations, books, concert tickets, and the like online.  That also amounts to a lot of online shopping in which you give the site your credit card number and some personal information!

These concerns protect your money with encryption software.  The encryption software that Lincoln Casino uses is as good as the encryption software used by a giant bank with billions of dollars on deposit.

Why Does an Online Casino Need Personal Information?

To put it simply, the same people who try to hack online accounts also try to hack personal information.  When you decide to withdraw money from your account, hopefully because you have some winnings to take out, the casino, if it is as responsible as it can be, will want to be 100% sure that the person asking for a withdrawal is the rightful owner of that money!

Lincoln Casino passes all of the banking “tests” with flying colors!

Security and Privacy

We have established that a good online casino such as Lincoln Casino needs some of their gamers’ personal information.  Unlike the encryption software that protects gamers’ money, you only have the word of the casino that it will not share any of your personal information with any third party.

This is where Slots Play Casinos come in!  We test a casino to find out if they really do keep your personal information private and we report the results back to you.  We can happily say that Lincoln Casino is true to its word when it comes to keeping gamers’ private data private.

Speaking of Encryption…

Did you know that there is an online digital currency that is also protected by encryption software and that Lincoln Casino accepts this currency for both deposits and withdrawals?

Yes, that currency is Bitcoin and Bitcoin is also called a cryptocurrency.  The “crypto” part of the term comes from encryption.

Bitcoin is a totally digital currency that could not exist without the protection encryption software gives it!

Slots Play Casinos Continues to Recommend Lincoln Casino

Lincoln Casino is a relatively new online casino.  It has a large library of games from WGS Gaming.  Gamers can use Lincoln Casino as their primary online casino or as an adjunct casino with alternative games, mostly in slots.

Lincoln Casino has a large yet manageable Welcome Package worth up to $5000.  The casino is safe to paly at.  Lincoln Casino has taken an honored place in the pantheon of online casinos because it has deservedly earned the SPC recommendation.


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