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Springbok Casino Offers Several Unusual Variations of Video Poker

Here at Slots Play Casinos we find that the casinos we recommend all have something unique about them. Today we will look at Springbok Casino.

Springbok Casino bills itself as the best online casino for South Africa. While we can’t be sure about that, we do know that the casino accepts rand for deposit. The casino also has an extensive section on the tourist attractions that South Africa offers.

In this article we will talk about some video poker games that Springbok offers that we don’t usually see at online casinos. We will use the opportunity to talk generally about video poker since it is one of the top games offered by online casinos with a very high return-to-player rate and should get more exposure, especially in our type of online casino site!

Bonus Deuces Wild

This variation of video poker adds a few bonus payments for some five-of-a-kind hands. Keep in mind that the pay table in standard Deuces Wild starts at three of a kind and also does so in Bonus Deuces Wild! That means that it is often a good idea to give up a pair in order to go for a better hand, one that will return money.

When played correctly, Deuces Wild has a very small player’s advantage! The strategy does change a bit in Bonus Deuces Wild since players are urged to go for those extra bonuses. There is still an advantage to players as three of a kind is as frequent when deuces are wild as a pair is in standard Jacks or Better.

Playing in Free Play Mode

Here is where we have to remind gamers that when you are learning a new game—in this case, Bonus Deuces Wild—you can study the game at no risk to your bankroll by playing in free play mode. This is a perk that only online casinos can give and we urge you to use this great offer to improve your gaming!

Joker Poker

The standard fifty-two card deck adds a joker in Joker Poker. So, it is a kind of Deuces Wild but with only one wild card. To reflect the extra wild card, the lowest paying hand is a pair of kings as opposed to the pair of jacks we all like to see in Jacks or Better. With a wild card, there are payouts for five of a kind. Also, the wild card is an out in many hands and makes giving up a pair of kings worthwhile considering the payout for a much better hand.

Why Play a Game with Only One Wild Card?

We are asked why any player would play Joker Poker instead of Deuces Wild or Bonus Deuces Wild. The single most logical answer is that a lot of online gamers like the change of pace. In other words, these players enjoy playing the full range of games at online casinos.

This is a theme we have spoken about before. Online casinos allow gamers to go from game to game as they wish so a big fan of video poker might play several variations of the standard video poker game in even a short one-hour session.

We must reiterate that free play is there for gamers to use to learn the nuances of any new game so if you would like to play several variations of video poker in a gaming session, first learn the different variations in free play mode.

Loose Deuces

This great video poker variation has often been called the “Bonus” version of Deuces Wild. Here we can diverge a bit to talk about the different general categories of video poker.

The first is the standard “or Better” type of video poker. The two most common are Tens or Better and Jacks or Better.

The second type is the “bonus” variations. These differ from the “or Better” types— which pay out more for hands that are harder to achieve and less for the easier hands—by tweaking the payouts. There are several bonus varieties of video poker.

The third type is video poker with one or more wild cards. Joker Poker has a single joker as the wild card. This makes getting five of a kind possible and makes getting hands like a flush, a straight, and even a full house somewhat easier to achieve.

Deuces Wild is the most famous of the wild card variations and Loose Deuces takes Deuces Wild a step forward.

Most computer-generated analyses have Loose Deuces with a 100-101% PLAYER’S advantage! Of course, you still have to learn the best strategy for this variation and always keep in mind that in Loose Deuces the lowest paying hand is three of a kind.

Sevens Wild

This is the same as Deuces Wild but instead of deuces, the sevens are wild.

Aces and Eights

When Wild Bill Hickok was killed he was playing poker and held two pair—aces and eights. You can enjoy playing video poker Aces and Eights without any trepidation! The game is based on standard Jacks or Better but has higher payouts for four-of-a-kind hands in either aces or eights, sevens, and all other four-of-a-kind hands.

Thus strategy might call for you to go for a four-of-a-kind hand whereas in standard Jacks or Better you might opt for a different strategy.

Wild Bill Hickok was born in Illinois in 1837 when life there was almost entirely life in the wilderness. He was born in what is today a suburb of Chicago but Chicago had been established only in 1833 so there were no suburbs yet! Still, as wild as life was in Illinois at that time, he was drawn to the Wild West where he held many jobs and became a legend of American folklore.

Slots Play Casinos is Proud of the High Standard our Recommended Casinos Maintain

We are always happy to be able to report to you, our readers, that we revisited a casino and continue to recommend it! Springbok is an excellent online casino with all of the amenities and practices of excellence we expect from the casinos we recommend.

We mentioned above that Springbok Casino also sees itself as a flagship for tourism to South Africa! As such, the casino has a large section of the main highlights of a visit to South Africa.

We would like to see Springbok add to this section as we are sure that there is a lot more of interest to visitors to South Africa!


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