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Take the Time to Revisit PlayCroco Casino

Here at Slots Play Casinos, we are returning to some of our recommended online casinos and this time we will talk a bit about PlayCroco Casino.

PlayCroco Casino serves the broad Australian market and has much to offer gamers from ever other country as well! The casino runs over 350 games including pokies (pokies in Australia and slots everywhere else around the world), plus table games, video poker, and specialty games. Gamers can enjoy many no deposit bonuses that you can access ever day of the week by using the correct PlayCroco no deposit bonus codes.

Why Does PlayCroco Use Bonus Codes?

Actually, all reputable online casinos use bonus codes. Running an online casino involves a lot less operating costs than running a land-based casino. Land-based casinos spend a lot of money on building maintenance and on the artificial “excitement” they market to attract players.

Online casinos have a much more direct product: gamers can play every day or whenever the urge hits. They can play for short or long sessions. They can go from game to game without leaving the comfort of their sofa (most online casino gaming is done these days in the comfort of gamers’ living room sofa or extra soft chair)!

How Does PlayCroco Keep a Gamer from Australia Separate from a Gamer in Slovenia?

The biggest challenge facing an online casino is to keep all of the gaming straight.  This includes adjusting the casino account of thousands of gamers at the same time and in real-time! An online casino has to keep track of comp points, bonuses, and wagering requirements for literally thousands of games and bonuses.

This requires a huge set of computers with the unique goal of keeping track of all the gaming in real-time and without mistakes. Using bonus codes is a kind of shortcut that helps the casino keep track. One bonus code might be for a deposit bonus on Monday while another will be for a no deposit bonus on Tuesday.

Playing All of PlayCroco’s Games Includes the Poker Games from “the Islands”

Now, we would like to talk about one set of games that PlayCroco proudly offers that gamers might try out even if slots are your game! At PlayCroco Casino, gamers can play whatever their favorite game is and still sample from the pool of hundreds of other games.

The Caribbean Poker games are among those “other” games that we think gamers should try out.

PlayCroco offers all there variations of Caribbean Poker: Caribbean Stud, Caribbean Draw, and Caribbean Hold’em.

Did Caribbean Poker Originate in the Caribbean?

Yes, it did. There is some disagreement as to who exactly invented the Caribbean Poker games but that is not our focus here. We want to show how PlayCroco can carry strange and unusual game variations, make them popular, and help gamers experience the full range of online casino gaming opportunities!

What Elements Do the Three Caribbean Poker Variations Have in Common?

  1. The player antes and some cards are dealt. Then the player has to call of fold with an extra bet accompanying a call.
  2. In order for the player to win the ante and the extra bet, the dealer has to “qualify” and then the player has to win the hand.
  3. If the dealer does not qualify, the player wins only his or her ante bet.
  4. There is a single progressive jackpot that all three variations share.
  5. Players can win a portion of the progressive jackpot with various high hands even if they don’t win the entire jackpot.
  6. Gamers need to make a side bet to qualify for the progressive jackpot. Since this is a side bet, gamers are not obligated to make it.
  7. The side bet is considered a poor bet for the gamer. That’s because with so many ways to win some or all of the progressive jackpot, the jackpot rarely gets into the high six or seven-figure amounts.
  8. In Caribbean Hold’em, the dealer needs a pair of fours or better to qualify.
  9. In Caribbean Draw, the dealer needs at least a pair of eights to qualify.
  10. In Caribbean Stud, the dealer needs at least an Ace-king to qualify.
  11. This is an ironic aspect of the Caribbean poker games: even if the dealer has the better hand, if she doesn’t qualify, the player will win their ante bet!
  12. Because of this later rule, the player should call on most hands even if he or she has a genuinely poor hand!

The Caribbean Poker games have not yet been fully analyzed by computers. This means that we still don’t have a definitive best strategy for these games!

We Do Have Some Idea of How to Play Caribbean Poker

We can divide the most theoretical strategic ideas in Caribbean Poker into two categories: chance-taking and playing it safe. The people who like to take chances will call on almost every hand since they can win the ante bet even with a poor hand if the dealer doesn’t qualify.

In Caribbean Stud and Draw, the dealer has only five cards with which to qualify. She can draw up to two cards in Draw but there is no alternative arrangement in Caribbean Stud.

The play it safe contingent simply says that to risk double the ante is too risky with bad cards. Now, we hold that that is very good thinking in a game against sentient opponents who will beat you if you stay in a hand with no pair and a low card as your high card!

But we aren’t playing against opponents; we play these games against the dealer who has very little leeway in deciding how to arrange her cards. In other words, it’s probably good strategy to call most hands unless you have really bad cards and the dealer has you beat with her up card.

PlayCroco Offers Great Online Casino Gaming

We started out talking about PlayCroco and then we segued into a short discussion about the Caribbean Poker variations. That is the Slots Play Casinos way!  We want gamers to know as much as they can about the games offered by our recommended casinos.

We also urge all gamers to contact any casino you might want to join and feel out their customer service. That will give you a good idea as to whether you want to join that casino or not.

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