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The Importance of Online Casino Reviews at Slots Play Casinos

Land-based casinos get a great deal of free promotion through word of mouth.  Here at Slots Play Casinos, we feel that a lot of the good word-of-mouth recommendations of land-based casinos are out of touch with both the realities of land-based casino gaming and of the palpable advantages of online casino gaming.

That is why we spend so much effort making our online casino reviews.  Here we would like to compare online casinos and land-based casinos and see how gamers can best utilize good reviews of each type of casino.

Which Type of Casino Offers the Most Convenient Gaming?

This is clearly an advantage of online casinos!  Getting to a land-based casino costs a good chunk of change.  This money can be set aside for an endless number of worthwhile activities.  For your convenience, we will list a few of the many ways a gamer might spend the money he or she saves by gaming at an online casino:

  1. Going to concerts.
  2. Going to sporting events.
  3. Buying new or used books.
  4. Listening to music.
  5. Learning to make one’s own music.
  6. Buying excellent hiking shoes with the cost of one ticket to a land-based casino and hiking with those shoes for ten years or more.
  7. Learning to make pottery, jewelry, hand-woven items and so on that you might sell at weekend bazaars.
  8. Investing in kitchen equipment so that you can regale your family and friends with 3-star homemade meals.
  9. Earmarking the money saved towards “real vacations”.

We have just touched the surface of what a gamer might do if he or she decides not to travel to a land-based casino.

Which Type of Casino Offers the Most Comfortable Gaming?

Here the jury is still out but we feel that the ancillary advantages of online casino gaming will win out in the end.

We acknowledge that land-based casino seats are at least as comfortable as a sofa in your house.  With your laptop computer of mobile device, you can play comfortably on the sofa or in bed.

But at a land-based casino, you can’t play and cuddle with your significant other on the casino floor.  So, some land-based casinos are now offering in-house mobile gaming for players who want to cuddle and play in bed in their hotel room.

We see no benefit to paying a lot of money for the chance to play romantic casino games in bed with your top friend when you can do so for free at home!

Online Casino Gaming Encourages Short Gaming Sessions

There is one last aspect of online gaming comfort that beats the experience at land-based casinos by a mile.  We encourage gamers to play online casino games in relatively short sessions.  Land-based casinos encourage players to play on and on by offering free alcohol.

Land-based casinos also try to confuse players by having no windows or clocks in the casino.  The online casinos that we recommend so highly, and truth be told, the casinos that we have not yet reviewed, all make gaming a part of a full evening’s experience.  These casinos want you to know what time it is so you can finish the gaming session happily, which you can renew the next day or the day after, and get on with any of the many other good activities you might want to pursue of an evening.

Which Type of Casino Offers the Most Varied Range of Games?

Here online casinos win again but there is more to this matter.  Land-based casinos can accommodate a handful of players at any one slots game, blackjack table, roulette or craps table, and so on.  Space is limited in the world of land-based casinos.

Space is infinite in the world of cyberspace where online casinos reside.

Land-based casinos have to take out terminals whenever they bring in new terminals.  Online casinos never have to take out terminals since there are no physical terminals in cyberspace.

Which Type of Casino Offers the Best Promotions?

Here we have to talk about which promotion a casino is offering.  A land-based casino might offer a high roller a free weekend in a luxury suite.  The cost of being on the receiving end of this kind of promotion is dropping enough money at the casino to be considered a high roller.

A land-based casino might up the ante, as it were, by paying for air travel for an important high roller.  Once again, the average player cannot hope to receive a promotion in any way similar to these high-roller promotions.

Online casinos offer promotions to average gamers that they can afford to accept.  The promotions start with Welcome Packages which usually are composed of a few deposit bonuses.  They maximum bonus sum might be in the thousands of dollars.  Gamers can usually accept a smaller bonus with the same bonus rate in order to stay within a sound monetary budget.

Only Online Casinos Can Offer Thousands of Dollars in Bonuses

Land-based casinos cannot go anywhere near that amount of bonus money.  There is a wagering requirement that precludes them from doing so.  The wagering requirement prevents any player from cashing out a bonus as soon as they receive it.

Online gamers can complete a wagering requirement over a period of time.  No players at any land-based casino have the time to do so unless they live “in” the casino!

Which Type of Casino Returns the Most Money to Players?

Once again, online casinos are a lot better in this regard.  There are a few reasons for this.

First, the random number generator that determines all outcomes in slots and video poker and other games played at a terminal and all games at an online casino can be calibrated for a specific return to player rate.  The RNG cannot be calibrated in video poker and other games but it can be calibrated in slots.  The casinos that we have reviewed and that we recommend all have 96-97% return to player rate in slots.

Land-based casinos have higher costs so they calibrate the RNG for slots to return much less to players.

Be Careful How You Play Blackjack and Video Poker

There is yet another trick many land-based casinos make that reduces their players’ returns.  They pay only 6-5 for a blackjack and only 8-5 (even sometimes 7-5) for a full house and a flush in video poker.  The casinos we recommend here at Slots Play Casinos all pay 3-2 for a blackjack and 9-6 in video poker.

The Most Important Aspects of Any Casino Review

This list applies both to online and land-based casinos.

  1. Reliability.  To what extent does the casino support players?
  2. Varied banking methods.  Online casinos now have many ways for players to deposit.
  3. Customer service. How attentive are the customer service representatives to a player’s requests, questions, or problems?
  4. How closely does a land-based casino keep track of players who are slightly to fully drunk?
  5. How carefully does a land-based casino monitor people on the floor who might be hitting on other players?

Slots Play Casinos Monitors Online Casinos for the Benefit of Gamers

This is what we have set out to do.  We review and revisit casinos so that you can play at any of them or at all of them with complete confidence in their reliability, safe banking, and attentiveness to gamers’ issues.


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