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THE Top Five Aussie Casinos

Slots Play Casinos has been reviewing and reporting to you, our honored readers, about all aspects of gaming at online casinos for some years. From time to time, we receive requests to re-review casinos. That is, are all of the casinos we have reviewed in the past still living up to the positive statements we made about them in the past?

So, in this article, we will re-review the top five Aussie casinos. They are:

  1. Play Croco Casino
  2. Ozwin Casino
  3. Fair Go Casino
  4. Uptown Pokies Casino
  5. Red Stag Casino

Before we begin this happy adventure, we want to make a couple of caveats.

Great Aussie Casinos Welcome One and All

First, we might say that a casino is a great Aussie casino. That does not mean that it isn’t a great online casino for gamers form far and wide on Planet Earth. A great Aussie casino caters to Australians by allowing then to play in Aussie dollars. The casino might also feature graphics that relate to Aussie culture and society.

The casino might also feature writing on the casino site written by a verifiably Australian Aussie. That means that the writing might contain some words that native English speakers from other countries are not familiar with. What a chance this gives y’all to learn some Aussie!

The Other Aussie Casinos are not Chopped Liver

The second caveat has to do with Aussie casinos six through whatever. There is a wonderful Americanized idiom that was popularized in the United States by people who came from Central and Eastern Europe and spoke Yiddish as their lingua franca and by now has gone worldwide in the English speaking world. The phrase is: “What am I, chopped liver?” And it means “am I not good enough to mention”?

Even if an Aussie casino is not in our top five, it is still a fine online casino! Certainly not chopped liver!

Now, onward and upward to Slots Play Casinos top five casinos for Australians.

Play Croco Casino

We place a great deal of importance on the ease with which gamers can peruse a casino. Play Croco has one of the easiest sites to walk through. It’s almost like taking an online casino walkabout!

By the way, a walkabout is an Aussie term for a trek, whether long or short, in the great Australian Outback. Australia is a vast continent and nation most of which is inland desert with snakes, crocs (ergo the casino’s name) and many animals indigenous to Australia.

The greatest Aussie song, Waltzing Matilda, is all about a man on a walkabout. We strongly urge that you learn this grand song. You will be amazed at how many of the words are uniquely Aussie!

PlayCroco Casino offers a few hundred games from RealTime Gaming. Their online banking is secured by top of the chart encryption software. The casino allows deposits in many formats and also in Bitcoin.

Play Croc Casino earns its pace in our top five Aussie casinos because of its excellence in every aspect of online casino gaming and communication with gamers. For example, on the home page, you can find the “Why Play Croco Rocks!” area with important messages and information.

The casino also runs a blog and news section. It is well worth your while to look for interesting articles in that area.

Ozwin Casino

Some casinos choose words over graphics and color. Some casinos go the opposite way. Ozwin is in the latter category.

We believe that this casino grabs gamers immediately with vibrant colors and larger than life graphics. On the casino site’s homepage, you will find a few categories that the vast majority of gamers are interested in. For instance, the casino “introduces” itself and then offers a click on the “Your Journey Begins” area to Explore Ozwin.

We clicked on it and found ourselves on a page bursting with color! The site is simply super easy to navigate! Every explanatory paragraph is written in clear language with an excellent color contrasts between the text and the background plus the font is large enough for older gamers while not being too large for younger gamers!

Ozwin Casino Bonuses

Like all online casinos, Ozwin has some ongoing promotions and some that they change from time to time, usually once a month. One of the things we like very much about the Ozwin Casino promotions is that they like to combine deposit bonuses with free spins!

All in all, Ozwin deserves to be one of our top five casinos for Australians.

FairGo Casino

The people who run FarGo Casino certainly have a vibrant Aussie sense of humor. The casino looks great! It has the color, graphics, and contrast that make it easy on the eyes. The casino likes to announce new promotions through Kev the Koala’s’ Diary.

Kev the Koala might take you on an excursion in Australia. He (or is this koala a she?) will tell you about new games, a little history of gaming, and a lot more!

FariGo Casino carries about 300 games! In the slots, or pokies as the Aussies call slots, they have 3 reel, 5 reel, and even 6 reel slots. Aussie gamers discovered through online casinos such as FairGo that there is a lot more to pokies than fruits and bars.

FairGo is selective in that they accept only the most creative slots from Real Time Gaming. Some slots have over 1000 ways to win! It seems like just yesterday that the 243 ways to win format was first introduced!

FairGo Casino has excellent and safe banking. Aussies can play in Australian dollars. Gamers from outside of Australia will play in either Euro or USD. While FairGo accepts deposits in Bitcoin, it might be some time before Bitcoin lovers can play in that currency.

All in all, we are probably more impressed with FairGo Casino now than we were a year or so ago when we reviewed it for Slots Play Casinos. Every time we go there to see how things are going, we have a wonderful gaming experience. Since FairGo Is an online casino, we can go from game to game easily. That makes it a great place to play online casino games while emphasizing fun!

Uptown Pokies Casino

You can tell right away that this is an online casino that revels in its Australianess. After all, they put the Aussie word for slots—pokies—right there in their name: Uptown Pokies Casino!

As such, you might expect that this casino would truly emphasize pokies and it does!

In addition to a few hundred pokies, this casino splashes its Welcome Package offer in big letters and numbers and uses purple to grab your attention. As if a Welcome Package that includes up to $8888 in bonuses and 350 free spins wouldn’t grab new gamers enough!

Speaking of color, we do have one nit to pick with Uptown Pokies Casino.  As we like the casino so much we have placed it in our top five Aussie casinos, this is really a small nit we are picking with them.

You see, mate, the casino has blue lettering against a black background that makes the words a bit difficult for some gamers to read. There, we picked our nit!

In all other ways, Uptown Pokies is a wonderful online casino with great promotions, safe banking, and a large library of games in addition to pokies.

Red Stag Casino

One of the things we like the most about Red Stag Casino is that they carry games from WSG. That means that by playing on the Instant Play platform, gamers can access games from several different game providers. Since all of our reviewed casinos offer only the best of the best from their game provider’s catalogue of games, a gamer can sample and play games from many different creative minds!

This is one of the many advantages of gaming at an online casino and Red Stag offers an incredible online gaming experience!

Where some casinos have a perfunctory few 3 reel pokies, Red Stag has a very large selection! Red Stag still has a massive wardrobe of 5 reel pokies as well!

Red Stag has a large complement of table games and video poker. The casino has excellent customer support as do all of our reviewed casinos, not just the top five!

Red Stag offers a great change of pace for gamers who are used to playing games from one game developer. As a change of pace, Red Stag is wonderful. As a great online casino in its own right, Red Stag is beyond wonderful.

We recommend Red Stag Casino highly!

Mobile Gaming

We decided to wait until the end of this article to say a few words about mobile gaming. Where mobile casinos were once the weak stepchild of desktop casinos, that is by far and away no longer the case. The great bulk of online gaming is done these days on mobile gaming platforms.

The only question then is how up to date the mobile gaming platform on any given casino is. All of our reviewed casinos, be it a top five or not, has a state of the art mobile platform for great casino gaming wherever you may be!

Slots Play Casinos Salutes the Top Five Aussie Casinos

These are the five casinos that made it to our top five Aussie list. As we said above, all of our reviewed casinos are great in their individual ways. The top five have a little “extra” that places then at the head of the class but what an amazing class it is!

Come to Slots Play Casinos often for the best and latest information on all aspects of casino gaming!

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