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There are Many “Best Casino Bets”

The best casino bets are the ones with the lowest house edge. We also have to make a distinction between the best casino bets at a land-based casino and the best bets at an online casino.

Slots Play Casinos mainly covers online casinos many of which we recommend. We also recognize the appeal to some people of land-based casinos. So, in this article we will talk about both online and land-based casino gaming.

There is no single online casino with the best odds.  There are many online casinos with equally good odds!  The odds of some casino games can be calculated and the odds in other casino games cannot be calculated.

It is Also Important to Know What the Worst Bets Are

We really can’t talk about the best bets without referencing the worst bets! In some games, they go hand in hand!

Your Bankroll Should Determine Your Betting Strategy

Most gamers are not high rollers. Even high rollers set betting limits! So, our first rule of casino betting is to bet within your budget and your means. This simple rule of thumb is important in video poker for example.

In video poker, casinos allow gamers to play multiple hands. Now, in video poker it is also best to bet the maximum on every hand in order to qualify to win the big bonus payout for a Royal Flush.

Betting the maximum on several hands at once may not be in line with a gamer’s budget.

Sometimes the best casino bet is the bet the gamer does not make!

What are the Best Bets in Various Casino Games?

This is exactly the correct question since the best bet is often different in one game than in another. In addition, some games, such as blackjack and video poker, which are games of skill require adherence to the best strategy will have different “best bets” depending on the situation.

What is the Best Bet in Slots?

There are two main types of slots: progressive slots and non-progressive slots aka regular slots. In order to win a progressive jackpot, a gamer has to bet the maximum on the winning payline.

Betting the maximum on every payline in a progressive slot might be too large a bet for many if not most gamers. Thus, the best bet in a progressive slot is to play just as many such slots as your budget allows.

Volatility Also Affects Bets in Slots

High volatility and low volatility slot machines may have the same return to player rate but the high volatility slot will divide the winnings among fewer gamers than the low volatility slot will. The best bet in slots is to play within your budget so playing low-volatility slots will likely give you more time to play as you win more often, albeit for less money on each win.

Online Casino Games Can Have a Higher Return to Player Rate

Land-based casinos can change the RTP rate in slots and they do so to maximize profits. Land-based casinos have much higher operating costs than online casinos do so the best bet in slots is simply to play slots online!

Video Poker Games and Blackjack Games Have Very High Return to Player Rates

In both games, gamers have to follow basic strategies on every hand. Basic strategy is difficult to accept intellectually in many cases as it seems counter-intuitive. Going into deep detail on basic strategy in video poker and blackjack is outside of the purview of this article.

Suffice it to say that the best bet in these games is the bet that statistical analysis has shown to be the best bet!

The house edge in these two games of skill is a mere half point so following basic strategy is easily the best bet a gamer can make in blackjack and video poker. Good strategy gives gamers the best odds of winning.

Baccarat is Another Casino Game with Unusual Best Odds

In Baccarat, a gamer can bet on the banker, the player, or for a tie.

Never bet for a tie as it is possibly the worst bet in a casino!

Oddly, the correct strategy in Baccarat is always to make the banker bet!

Craps is a Great Table Game

Craps is one of the very few casino games that is more fun to play at a land-based casino. It is not fun enough to justify the cost of travel and hotels but it is more fun to play on land. That’s because casinos encourage loud exhortations of lady luck on every throw of the dice!

The two best bets in craps are the pass line bet and the not pass line bet. It seems that the not pass line bet is better since once the point is established the number 7 comes up most often!

Gamers Have a Lot of Fun Playing Roulette

First of all, the best bet in roulette is simply to play European Roulette and not American Roulette since the American version has those nasty 00 slots!

Next, it is best to make even money bets as these will win almost as often as they will lose which extends a gamer’s playing time.

Finally, if you do venture forth and make some of the riskier bets in roulette, be sure to make bets that don’t contradict other bets! With so many different bets in roulette, it is possible to make contradictory bets so be careful when making other than even money bets in roulette.

French Roulette is even better than European Roulette if you are making even money bets as French Roulette has a provision that gives gamers a second chance to win an even money bet.

Side Bets are Fun but Not Considered Good Bets

There are side bets in many casino games. Some of the most popular side bets are in the Caribbean Poker games. It is a lot of fun to put some money on these side bets but we advise against it. The Caribbean Poker games are fun enough without making a side bet.

What Other Popular Games are There at Casinos?

There are many other games that gamers can make in casinos. Here are a few:

  1. In Keno, the best bet is to bet on four numbers.
  2. In Pai Gow Poker gamers have to be careful that they don’t win the high hand with a hand that is too high and thereby they lose the two-card hand.
  3. In Caribbean Poker, it is the best bet to call on almost every hand since the dealer has to hit a minimum hand for the player to lose the ante bet.
  4. Bingo, Fish Catch, Banana Jones, and others are pure games of chance and therefore the only “best bet” is a bet that is within your means.
  5. There are many online variations of blackjack and video poker.
  6. Play any game at an online casino in free play mode until you know the game well enough to place a bet on the outcome.
  7. A “best bet” might be one you make with bonus money, available almost exclusively at online casinos.

Slots Play Casinos Serves the Gaming Public

SPC does emphasize online casino gaming as we feel it is the best way to play for comfort and convenience and better return-to-player rates. We also recognize why some players still go to land-based casinos.   If you are prepared to travel to places other than land-based casinos, here is some good information!

SPC has a vast store of helpful information for all sorts of casino players.


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