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Our Online Casinos are Lookin’ Gooood!

As an independent observer of the online casino industry Slots Play Casinos has an obligation to report on the old and the new. The old may be well established online casinos that deserve a special mention for long-lasting success.
The new has two main aspects. One is simply new casinos that come on board and, after we take a look at them, we determine that they deserve our recommendation. The second aspect of the new is when an established online casino changes its look.
In this article, we will add a few words to our reviews of Ozwin Casino and PlayCroco Casino. We will also offer kudos to four excellent casinos that have recently undergone a facelift of sorts.

What Does it take to Start a New Online Casino?

Did you see the key word “online”? It costs a lot less to start an online casino than to start a land based casino! The land based casino has to build a structure. The costs may run into the billions of dollars. Online casinos exist in cyberspace so they have a lot less start up costs.
Well, what are some of the start up costs online casinos have?

  1. They have to use the very best encryption software to guarantee the safety of your money.
  2. They have to negotiate working arrangements with several payment options so you can deposit and withdraw your funds such as banks, credit and debit cards, and ewallets.
  3. They have to set up a working arrangement with a casino software provider to… supply the casino with great games already developed, to develop new games every month, to use the best graphics and animation in their games, to be innovative in the production of new games especially pokies (or slots as the world outside of Australia calls them!) and to help the casino run some promotions.
  4. An online casino needs to have a powerful network of computers to keep track of general accounts, play through wagering accounts, the results of free spins, comp points, and the playing history of every spin and hand.
  5. An online casino needs to use the best random number generator to guarantee fairness in every spin and hand.
  6. An online casino needs to have a very large bankroll of its own so that it can pay out all winnings. The worst thing that can happen to an online casino gamer is to win a big payout only to have the casino say that it doesn’t have the funds to make good on the payout.

This last item is so important that it is one of the top considerations we have when we evaluate a new online casino. In business terms this is called capitalization. An online casino has to have many, many “big blinds” to use a poker term to describe cash on hand.

Ozwin Casino

This new casino shows on its home page an aspect of new online casinos that is by now a small trend: using graphics and color instead of text to get the attention of new gamers
When you click on Explore Ozwin, you get a page that has a menu on the left. The headings that were present on the home page are still there and are joined by the list of gaming categories on the left and a short FAQ section at the bottom.
This is how the people at Ozwin Casino decided to make surfing the site as easy as possible for new gamers.
The Welcome Package at Ozwin Casino has a 400% bonus for up to $4000 plus 100 free spins. It is still unusual for a casino to offer free spins in addition to a deposit bonus for new players. Once again, we feel that Ozwin Casino has recognized that gamers want both large deposit bonus rates—such as the $400% rate Ozwin offers—and free spins as well.
A free spin can be better than a deposit bonus since the garner has the chance to score a very big win with the casino’s own money!
Ozwin Casino has a large selection of games in all categories. In the casino’s short time online, it has attracted many new gamers. One excellent aspect of modern online gaming is the Instant Play provision which allows gamers to play on their server rather than download the casino to their hard drive.
This means that gamers can join several online casinos and enjoy thousands of games at their leisure. It is probable that a lot of gamers came to Ozwin as an experiment: Let’s try out the new casino in town. So many of these gamers have stayed at Ozwin Casino that we feel quite sure that Ozwin will be around for many, many years.

PlayCroco Casino

This casino is the epitome of an online casino with a sense of humor! On the home page, PlayCroco eschews a lot of writing in favor of colorful graphics and visuals. At the bottom of the home page are links to many pagers of content all of which are presented in excellent visual form with fonts that are the right size for gamers of all ages, color contrast that makes reading easy, and a lot of information.
Here are the different categories of written content at PlayCroco Casino:

  1. Press Releases
  2. PlayCroco Info
  3. Blog
  4. Reviews

Under each of these headings is a wealth of information in an easy to read format. Gamers at PlayCroco can use the casino as a kind of online gaming library and they can use it the way gamers like to use casinos: as a place to play their favorite online casino games.
PlayCroco has a mascot—the giant Croco—who is a colorful and cuddly crocodile, unlike the kind of croc we hope you never meet on a walkabout.
PlayCroco Online Casino has all of the elements of a great online casino and it has garnered tremendous support from gamers in less than a full year in the online casino marketplace! We expect PlayCroco Casino to have a very, very long run as a leading casino for Aussies and the entire world!

Older Casinos with a New Look

Here are three online casinos that have replaced their old look with a new look. The new looks all are following the new thinking in online casino presentation which chooses color and graphics over a lot of words to read.
The casinos are:

  1. Grande Vegas
  2. Jackpot Capital
  3. Slotastic

We feel that all three of these casinos have improved their user experience without taking anything away from the casinos themselves. In short, they have chosen to present themselves to the gaming public as colorful sites with great graphics and relatively little written content on the home page.
That doesn’t mean that they have no written content! In fact, all three have a lot of excellent content. At the bottom of the home pages are links to blogs and articles that are very informative and helpful to gamers.
Grande Vegas has a style of writing that is more about news while Jackpot Capital’s style is more about getting the most fun from online gaming. Jackpot Capital also was one of the casinos to innovate with the concept of a “real vacation” instead of taking a weekend at a land-based casino!
Slotastic recently ran a contest among their players to choose their new and improved logo. Be sure to check it out and stick around so you don’t miss out on their next player competition where you could win big-time.

A Trend in Online Casino Gaming in the Making

Based on our experience with PlayCroco and Ozwin and the change of presentation of the three older casinos with new looks, we here at Slots Play Casinos feel that color and graphics plus deeply informative articles and blogs are a trend in the making that we will see from many online casinos going forward.

Stay with Slots Play Casinos

We are at the forefront of new developments in the casino gaming business especially in its online casino niche and also in the older land-based casino milieu.
Come to Slots Play Casinos often for all of the latest information about casino gaming!

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