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Tips for Better Searches for Online Casino Gaming

One way gamers find what they are looking for at an online casino is to do a search.  Here at Slots Play Casinos, we sometimes get asked why a search engine got confused and sent the gamer on a wild goose chase after a search request.  Often the problem is that the gamer made a confusing search request.

We will take a search request we heard about recently and turn it into several individual search requests and then we will “answer” all of them from our own experience.

The best tip we can offer is to make separate searches for the things you want to find information about instead of putting all of the information in one search.

Let’s Try a Long Search Request

The search request we would like to answer was: no deposit casino bonus codes instant play. In order to properly answer this request, we will divide it into four separate parts:

  1. No deposit bonus
  2. Deposit bonus
  3. Bonus codes
  4. Instant Play

Why Do Online Casinos Offer Bonuses?

Getting a casino bonus, be it for $100 with no deposit or for $1000 and more with a deposit simply means that the gamer can play with the casino’s own money.  This adds to the general enjoyment of online casino gaming.  After all, who would choose not to play with the casino’s money?

Online casinos can offer bonuses even as land-based casinos cannot because a bonus comes with one very specific requirement on the part of the gamer that a gamer at an online casino can do relatively easily while a player at a land-based casino may never be able to do at all!

This is the wagering requirement.

What is the Wagering Requirement?

This requires the gamer to bet a factor of the bonus before he or she can withdraw winnings.  It prevents a gamer from taking a bonus and cashing out right away.  This actually did happen in the very early years of online casinos going back to the 1990s.

Not exactly ancient history but we all learn from our mistakes including online casinos!

What Constitutes a Fair Wagering Requirement?

A wagering requirement of 30x is considered fair while we have seen wagering requirements as high as 60x!  All of the casinos we recommend here at Slots Play Casinos have reasonable wagering requirements.  Sometimes, as part of a casino promotion, the wagering requirement will be as low as 20x!

Why Can’t Players at Land-based Casinos Complete a Wagering Requirement?

Because they go home!

All of the information for a wagering requirement would be kept on the player’s card.  Thus, a lot of money would sit around on players’ cards until the next time the player went back to that casino which could be never!

Where online casinos offer thousands of dollars in deposit bonuses, land-based casinos offer zero dollars but a lot of free alcohol which causes players to make under-the-influence gambling decisions!

Online Casino Gamers Can Play as Often as they Want but Land-based Casino Players Go Home!

We cannot stress more strongly how this one aspect of casino gaming makes all the difference between online and on-land gaming.  Imagine the surprise when formerly land-based casino players came to an online casino during the Covid 19 lockdowns and discovered that they didn’t have to go back home because they already were home!

Thus, an online casino gamer can complete a wagering requirement at her or his leisure by playing in frequent, short sessions while land-based casino players have no such gaming flexibility!

No Deposit Bonuses are Always for a Small Fraction of a Deposit Bonus

Simply put, with no deposit needed, the casino is assuming all of the risk.  So, online casinos that offer a no deposit bonus of, say, $100 will also have some restrictions attached to that bonus.

What Kinds of Restrictions Might Apply to a No Deposit Bonus?

The two most common restrictions are which games the gamer can play with the no deposit bonus and how much the player can win with the no deposit bonus.  The latter restriction is usually called a withdrawal maximum.

How Does the Casino Know that a Gamer is Using a No Deposit Bonus While Playing?

Here we have finally arrived at the third part of the long search that we divided up.

An online casino uses bonus codes to keep track of every gamer’s progress through any bonus he or she received be it a deposit bonus or a no deposit bonus.

Here we have to backtrack a bit to explain how online casinos keep track of billions of pieces of data in real time!

How Do Online Casinos Keep Track of Billions of Pieces of Data in Real-Time?

Online casinos have massive banks of computers that are programmed to track every gamer’s activity in the casino!  You can only imagine how huge this bank of computers has to be to track many thousands of gamers in real-time.

What, exactly, does an online casino have to keep track of?

  1. Gaming activity
  2. Wagering requirement completion
  3. Comp points
  4. Casino account

The database has to record wins and losses in gaming activity instantly, so gamers never feel that the gaming is “slow”.

In real terms, wins and losses are translated into increases and decreases in a gamer’s account.  As fast as many games go, the data bank has to keep up and in the best online casinos it does!

Increases and decreases in a gamer’s account also have to be separated by the accumulation of wagers made as the gamer works off the wagering requirement.  This amounts to a separate section in that gamer’s data bank at an online casino.

Finally, all comp points have to be accurately counted for all gamers at all times.  This is another separate account.

Bonus Codes and Logins

Every gamer has a login that activates a small section of the casinos’ “computer brain” for as long as the gamer stays logged in.  So, every bonus given and received goes into the data bank connected to that one very specific login.

Now, a bonus has to have a separate code.  The code is a communication device between the gamer and the casino to record all activity specifically related to the bonus.  Since wins and losses do not apply to the wagering requirement, the casino keeps track of them in the general database.

The casino keeps track of the wagering requirement as a separate entry!

Online casinos certainly have a lot of data to keep track of!

Where Does an Online Casino Keep Track of Comp Points?

Yes, this is yet again a separate part of the database that connects to your casino login.

Online casinos, as we said, have a massive bank of computers that track everything you do in the casino.  Land-based casinos keep track of all of this data on one’s player’s card.

Does a Player’s Card Do the Same Tracking as an Online Casino’s Computer Bank?

Well, yes and no, and what a difference gaming flexibility makes!

Land-based casinos do not give bonuses, so this is a huge area of data they do not need to keep track of.  Wins and losses in games are functionally the same at a land-based casino as it is at an online casino.

Comp points are different.  Land-based casinos do offer comp points that are stored on a player’s card.  This is one way that online casino gaming is superior to land-based casino gaming.

To make a long story short, a lot of comp points sit and are sitting in people’s drawers waiting for the chance to accumulate further the next time, if ever, the player goes back to THAT land-based casino!

Online gamers can accumulate more comp points tomorrow if they choose to do so!

Many businesses use something similar to comp points!

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‘Nuff said!


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