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Together SPC and Slotocash Present a Short Beginner’s Course on Blackjack and Video Poker

The most popular game at Slotocash Online Casino, as it is in almost all casinos, be they online or on land, is slots.  Gamers love slots for several reasons.  First, as a game of chance, slots are the perfect conduit for gamers who want to get lucky.  Slots also play fast, which suits many gamers, especially online casino gamers.

Land-based casino players “have all day” literally so they are not swayed to play slots because slots play fast.

Slots have themes.  The themes cover many subjects from ancient cultures to modern everyday life to holiday themes and much, much more. An online gamer at Slotocash Casino can play hundreds of slots over a moderate period of time.  This never happens at a land-based casino as many players stay rooted to one slot for hours at a time.

Slots Play Casinos urges gamers to never play slots or any other online casino game for “hours at a time”!  This is a primary reason why Slots Play Casinos prefers online casinos even though we recognize the attraction of land-based casinos to many gamers.

Volatility Determines the Distribution of Winnings in Slots

Volatility simply means how many players will share in the winnings in any given slot game.  High volatility means that relatively few players will share in the winnings while low volatility means that relatively many gamers will share the winnings.

Volatility has nothing, really, to do with the return to player rate in slots.  Two slots might have the same return-to-player rate at perhaps 96-97% at Slotocash as opposed to many percentage points lower at most land-based casinos given their high operating costs.

Blackjack and Video Poker Have a Great Return to Player Rate

Blackjack and video poker are games of skill.  Since slots are games of chance, in which volatility is more important than the return to player rates, and in which there is no real strategy, we feel that online casino gamers should learn the best strategy in video poker and blackjack so they can enjoy the approximately 99.5% return to player rate!

Yes, video poker and blackjack have an approximately 99.5% return to player rate.  In order to achieve this lofty return to player rate, a gamer has to learn the best strategy for every hand they play.

To make matters even better, there is no volatility in blackjack and video poker!

Many Land-based Casinos Pay Less in Blackjack and Video Poker

To repeat: Many land-based casinos pay less in blackjack and video poker than online casinos pay!  They do this because the 99.5% return to player rate is too high for them.  They need a lot more profits in order to pay their bills so they reduce the return in slots, video poker, and blackjack.

In video poker, many land-based casinos pay only 8-5 or even 7-5 for a full house and a flush!  Slotocash and all reputable online casinos pay 9-6.  The difference is very big!  At 8-5, the return to player rate is much less than at 9-6!

In blackjack, many land-based casinos now pay 6-5 for a blackjack.  Slotocash pays 3-2 for a blackjack as they should!

What is Involved in Strategy for Blackjack?

The first and most important point in blackjack is that the player goes first.  If the player busts, he or she loses automatically no matter what happens to the dealer.  At a land-based casino, where there are usually many players at the blackjack table, a player might bust with 22 points and then later on the dealer busts with more points.

The player who busted with 22 points still busts!

The First Lesson in Blackjack

Learn when to hit with 12 or more points!  The previous paragraph gave an indication od a very faulty strategy which is the stand with 12 or more points at all times!

This is a losing strategy.

Use a Strategy Card

Blackjack has been analyzed over millions of hands by computers.  The result is strategy that practically guarantees a 99.5% return to player rate.  Sometimes the return will be a little less and sometimes the return will be a little more!

When you have a strategy card, study it.  You will see that the player’s action is based on their point count and the dealer’s up card.

Splitting and Doubling Down

There are pairs that players should split and pairs that they should not split.  Always split aces; never split tens.  Always split eights.

The reason players should split eights is because 16 points is the worst hand a player can have.  Splitting gives players the chance to win one of the two hands or even both split hands.

There is a bet in blackjack that statistics considers to be one of the worst bets in a casino.  That bet is insurance.  This is a bet offered to players when the dealer is showing an ace.  Never take insurance!

Video Poker Strategy Might Surprise You

At first, the strategy for video poker might seem simple.  It isn’t!

The first thing new video poker players learn is to bet the maximum on every hand.  This gives you the chance to get the big extra payout for a Royal Flush.  Now, a Royal Flush comes up about once in 40,000 hands.  If you play video poker for many months or years, you will get a Royal Flush.  It would be a shame to miss the payout for the Royal Flush because you bet less than the maximum.

It is not common to be dealt a powerhouse hand.  On almost every hand of video poker you play, you will have to exchange cards.  Here is where video poker strategy gets a bit tricky.

If you have three high cards, cards that will give you Jacks or Better, and you have a pair but you also have the chance for a flush, a straight, or a straight flush, the best strategy is to give up he winning pair in order to play for a much better hand.

The main reason is that you might get another winning pair!  Going for the highest possible hand is often the correct strategy in video poker.

Use Slotocash and Other Online Casinos’ Offer of Unlimited Free Play

Practice makes perfect when it comes to blackjack and video poker strategy and there is no safer way to learn the nuances of these great games than by playing in free play mode.

Sound Money Management is of Paramount Importance

In all casino games, it is important to determine exactly what your means are for gaming and to set your monetary budget accordingly.  One of the best ways to facilitate sound monetary policy is to also set a time budget for every gaming session.

Bonuses are Bonuses are Bonuses

The last piece of advice we can offer in this short article is to take the bonuses offered by online casinos.  Land-based casinos cannot offer bonuses because very few players could complete the wagering requirement in the short time they will be at the casino.

Online casino gamers have “all the time in the world” to complete the wagering requirement.  It is great to accept the $7777 Welcome Package set of bonuses offered by Slotocash Casino and play video poker and blackjack with the money.  Your chances of both having a great time and coming out ahead are very good!

Slots Play Casinos Salutes Slotocash Casino

Slotocash Casino has shown itself to be one of the top online casinos.  We here at Slots Play are happy to have recommended Slotocash in the past and are doubly happy to renew our recommendation of the casino.


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