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Unusual Games to Play at Online Casinos

One of the many reasons why Slots Play Casinos favors online casinos is because online casinos are able to offer many unusual, even odd, games since they have unlimited space. A land-based casino cannot afford to offer all manner of games since the few players who like such games may not even be in the casino at any given time! So, land-based casinos tend to stay with the tried and true while online casinos can venture forth with different games and variations of classic games.

Here at Slots Play, we have reviewed some thirty online casinos. We would like now to go to these casinos and speak specifically about some unusual games they offer.

Let em Ride and Let it Ride

These two poker variations are basically the same. Gamers can take back one or two of their ante bets as cards come out. The first chance to either let em ride or to take back an ante bet is when the first three cards are dealt.

In Let em Ride and Let it Ride, the player gets three cards and the two community cards are dealt face down to begin. So, the gamer decides based on three cards alone whether to let the cards ride and allow all three bets to stay or to take back one of the ante bets.

The Community Cards Come Out

Unlike in Texas Hold’em where the first three community cards come out together, in Let it Ride, the dealer reveals each of the two community cards singularly. Players can remove another ante bet based on the first community card.

House Edge and Strategy in Let em Ride

The house edge is about 3.5%.  Gamers need at least a pair of tens to win the hand. The dealer has no decisions to make. When players play Let em Ride at a land-based casino, there might be several other players at the table. Each player plays only against the pay table. There is no betting from player to player.

This makes Let it Ride a favorite poker alternative for many players.

Since a gamer needs at least a pair of tens to win, it behooves players to immediately remove an ante bet if there is only one high card, or no high cards at all, in their first three cards.  Similarly, if the first community card does not reveal a win, it is correct strategy to remove another ante bet at that time.

There are Three Caribbean Poker Variations

Just as in Let em Ride aka Let it Ride, players play against the payout table, the Caribbean Poker variations have a similar aspect. The dealer doesn’t make any decisions. All of the dealers’ decisions are already embedded in the games’ programs!

In each variation, the dealer deals the cards and the player has to decide whether to stay in the hand or fold. If the player folds, he or she loses their ante bet. If they stay in the hand, they have to add another bet that is double the ante bet.

Folding is usually considered a poor decision since if the dealer doesn’t “qualify”, the hand is a push and the player retains his or her ante bet!

What Does it Mean That The Dealer Has to Qualify to Win!

The dealer represents the house in Caribbean Poker. He or she doesn’t make any decisions. In fact, the dealer cannot win a hand for the house unless he or she qualifies to win! This rule applies to all three Caribbean Poker variations although the minimum hand the dealer has to have in order to qualify varies from variation to variation.

The very fact that the dealer has to qualify to win means that a player can stay in a hand even with a very poor hand and win back the ante if the dealer does not qualify! This applied even if the dealer’s hand is better than the player’s hand!

Strategy in Caribbean Stud Poker

The dealer deals five cards to you and five cards to itself. The dealer shows you one of its cards. On this basis, you have to decide whether to fold or stay in the hand. The dealer needs at least an ace-king to qualify so if the dealer’s up card is either an ace or a king, and you have a poor hand, it behooves you to fold. Otherwise, it is wise to stay in the hand.

Strategy in Caribbean Draw Poker

Each player gets five cards. In the online game, the dealer deals five cards to itself and to the player. At a land-based casino, the dealer does the same but the dealer is a real person, not a computer program!

Online, there are clearly no other players. At a land-based casino, there may be many players but there is no competition between players. Everyone plays against the dealer.

In Caribbean Draw poker, players also can see one of the dealer’s cards. The dealer needs at least a pair of eights to qualify so it is better to stay in the hand even with five low cards rather than sacrifice the ante bet.

The dealer’s threshold to qualify is more demanding because the dealer as well as the player can draw up to two cards to improve their hand.

Strategy in Caribbean Hold’em

In this variation, the dealer deals two down cards to each player and itself (himself or herself if the game is at a land-based casino) and three community cards. Now the player has to decide whether to call or fold. The dealer needs at least a pair of fours to qualify.

It is not unusual for the flop to show that the dealer has already qualified. It is even more common to show that the dealer has a very good chance to qualify. This makes strategy easier for the players. In any case, in Caribbean Hold’em, statistical analysis has found that good players fold about 20% of the time.

This makes Caribbean Hold’em Poker a lot more fun than regular Texas Hold’em where players are advised to fold at least 70% of their hands before the flop!

Online Casinos Have Plenty of Room for Specialty Games

Most online casinos categorize roulette and craps as specialty games. That is because online casinos recognize that these games are a lot more fun at land-based casinos where players can make lots of noise on every throw of the dice and spin of the wheel.

Still, roulette and craps are also fun to play online even though most gamers will play them strictly as a “time out” from their regular list of go-to games.

Slots Play Casinos Offers Timely Advice to Gamers of Roulette and Craps

Our advice to players regarding craps is to become very familiar with all of the many bets available in this game. We suggest strongly that gamers use the online casino offer of unlimited free play to learn about craps before playing it for real money.

With regard to roulette, we also suggest playing it in free play mode to learn about the many bets there as well and we add that gamers should always look for European Roulette over American Roulette. The latter version of roulette has both 0 and 00 which makes the house edge about 5.5%.

In European Roulette there is only a single 0 and the house edge is reduced by about half!

Fish Catch and Banana Jones are the Specialty Games of All Specialty Games

These two games are simply so much fun to play that gamers don’t mind the relatively high house edge. Fish Catch is a deep sea fishing game that you can play with other players and Banana Jones is a wonderful spoof of the Indiana Jones movies. In Banana Jones, our pudgy little hero is off to the castle where the Crystal Banana is being held.

When you get to the castle, you will open chests with valuable fruits inside. Ol’ Banana will go “whoo hoo, whoo hoo” when you win money in his game!

Slots Play Casinos Invites Gamers to Go “whoo hoo, whoo hoo” As Well

Slots Play Casinos offers useful new information to online casino gamers every week.


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