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What Does Slots Play Casinos Look for in an Online Casino?

Slots Play Casinos has conducted hundreds of online casino reviews.  Of these, we have chosen to recommend about 65.  It is a fair question to ask what we look for in an online casino when we review it and are impressed enough to recommend it.

The Great Difference between an Online Casino and a Land-based Casino

First, we have to understand the huge distinction we make between online casinos and land-based casinos.  The distinctions we make are important to our reviews of online casinos since, if an online casino fails at any of these parameters, we are a lot less likely to recommend it.  Here is a list of these differences and distinctions:

  1. It costs no money to play at an online casino.
  2. It is a lot easier to manage one’s time and money at an online casino.
  3. Online casinos can offer more games and a wider range of games.
  4. The return to player rates at online casinos are generally higher than at land-based casinos.
  5. Payouts are better at online casinos, especially in blackjack and video poker.
  6. Online casinos offer more and better promotions.
  7. Most reputable online casinos offer unlimited free play.
  8. Comp points are more practical at online casinos.
  9. Online casinos have unlimited space so they can keep classic games whereas land-based casinos have to take out a terminal for every new terminal they put in.
  10. There is never any waiting at an online casino.
  11. Online casinos never offer free whiskey.
  12. Online casino gaming is romantic.

How Slots Play Casinos Reviews Online Casinos

Naturally, we look at all of the parameters listed above.  In addition, there are other aspects of reviewing an online casino that are not covered in the list above.  By the way, we will expand on the list in due time.

Online Casinos are Content Driven

When a gamer lands at an online casino, they are immediately exposed to the colors, the caricatures, and the written word at said casino.  We look very closely at these three elements.

For example, if the font on the page is too small for older gamers, we will note that.  An online casino must be visually accessible to all gamers!  Along with a font that is easy to read, the color contrast between the letters and the background has to make it easy on the eyes.

Land-based Casinos Bombard Players with Visual Stimuli

There is one area where online casinos cannot compete with land-based casinos.  That is in the first few seconds to minutes a player is exposed to all of the visual stimuli the casino has to offer.  Land-based casinos do not need written content at anything like the degree in which online casinos need it.

Land-based casinos may have real people dressed in appropriate costumes roaming the casino floor.  Online casinos haver drawn mascots.  These mascots have to be as life-like as possible.

One such very life-like mascot is Glamma from Jackpot Capital.  Glamma is a fun-loving older woman who is roaming the world on what the casino calls Glamma’s Adventures.  At this writing, Glamma is in Monaco which, despite its size, has a lot of new world and old world charm.

We will come back to this idea a little later.  For now, suffice it to say that the massive effect of visual stimuli that players get at land-based casinos is not, in our opinion, worth the cost of travelling to the casino.

Color Drives the Attractiveness of Online Casinos

As good as the written content may be at an online casino, the color is what draws gamers in.  Although there are still many online casinos that have inferior color schemes, most online casinos have excellent color schemes!

The Cost of Travel Turns Gaming into Gambling

Most players go to a land-based casinos for a long weekend.  Where such a trip may entail two nights in the hotel, we feel that just a few afternoon hours at any land-based casino are enough stimulation for even the most die-hard land-based casino fan.

In addition to the cost of a flight and the hotel room, travelling in the post 911 and post-Covid 19 eras has simply become an unfathomable hassle!  People used to dress up to travel!  Everyone who has travelled in the last couple of years knows that travel is no longer a dress up kind of experience.

Gaming or Gambling

Online gamers can play every day if they choose to do so.  Thus, there is no reason to play on and on ad infinitum as so many players do at land-based casinos.  Online casino gaming is gaming at its best with the added benefit of the joy of placing a bet on the outcome of the games.

Even though a gamer is playing with real money, by setting a good time and money budget for gaming, the activity never disintegrates into gambling.  On the other hand, three days at a land-based casino, leads many people into the dark regions of gambling, throwing good money after bad!

Online Casinos Offer More Games

For one, there is just so much floor space at land-based casinos.  So, these casinos cannot offer the wide range of table games, especially blackjack, that a good online casino can offer.  Furthermore, as we stated, land-based casinos have to use every inch of floor space and that leads them to take out terminals when new terminals come in.

If taking out classic slots were not enough, a land-based casino might bring in from five to ten new game terminals.  At our top online casinos, literally millions can play the same game at the same time.

Online Gamers Reap Thousands of Dollars in Bonuses

Where land-based casinos can offer free whiskey, online casinos can offer four-figure bonuses!  Gamers can play for a very long time with the casino’s own money.  The free whiskey simply reduces players’ cognitive function and leads the land-based casino to profit much more than the cost of the drinks.

Free Play is ……Free!

No land-based casino can afford to offer unlimited free play.  Online casinos have no problem making this offer because they have no space restrictions.  Online casino gamers can also go from casino to casino without going outside in the rain, snow, cold, or heat.

Online Casinos Pay Full in Blackjack and Video Poker

Many land-based casinos now pay 6-5 for a blackjack instead of the 3-2 payout our recommended casinos pay.  Many land-based casinos now pay only 8-5 or 7-5 for a full house or a flush in video poker while our casinos pay 9-6.

The higher payouts make blackjack and video poker nearly equal in return to player rates with the casinos.  The casinos do have an advantage of one half of one percent!

Land-based casinos also instruct their game providers to calibrate slots to return about 90% to payers while our recommended casinos calibrate slots to return about 97% to gamers.

Finally, Let the Romantic Times Roll

People like to curl up on the sofa or in bed with their significant other.  Gamers can do this at online casinos through the use of the casinos’ mobile gaming platform.

Mobile gaming is, and will be for some time to come, the go to way to paly casino games.  This is so true that many land-based casinos now offer mobile in their hotel rooms.

Imagine that, travelling at great cost and hassle and ending up playing on a mobile device anyway!

Slots Play Casinos Informs Gamers about Online and Land-based Casino Gaming

Our main area of expertise is in the online casino milieu.  We have written millions of words about online casino gaming.  We urge all gamers to read our casino reviews and the many other excellent pages we have about all aspects of online casino gaming.


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