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What is an Instant Play Casino?

Instant Play is the term that most online casinos use for their platform that allows gamers to play casino games directly through their internet server without needing to download the entire casino to their computer’s hard drive.

Thus, these casinos are often called Instant Play casinos. There are three main advantages to being able to play directly on your internet server.

First, it saves space on your hard drive for the many other items you want to store there. Second, it allows gamers to have accounts at several, even many, different online casinos. Third, it allows a gamer with an account and a personal login at an online casino to play at that online casino from any computer! Thus, a gamer can play at any location simply by logging in and using the local internet server as the platform on which they will play!

Each of these advantages is extremely important to most gamers.

Saving space on your computer’s hard drive is an obvious advantage. After all, in the modern world, people store photos, music, games, movies and much more on their computers and being able to save the space an online casino takes up is clearly a big advantage.

Why is Having an Account at Several Instant Play Casinos an Advantage?

Here at Slots Play Casinos we have reviewed and recommended around 30 online casinos all of which are Instant Play casinos as well. That means that gamers who play at our recommended casinos can play, in a single session, at a few different casinos!

Most of our recommended online casinos use SpinLogic as their exclusive game provider while some use other providers and a few even use more than one provider! By being able to access the games of more than one provider, a gamer can play a wider variety of games.

This is especially important when gamers play slots since each game developer has its own unique style for slots. Whereas a developer might bring out a new variation of blackjack or video poker once a year, these same game developers bring out at least one new slot every month!

Gamers Can Also Access More Deposit Bonuses at Several Instant Play Casinos

Most online casinos offer several different types of bonuses such as free spins, free chips, or free money with a deposit. All bonuses essentially mean that the gamers are playing with the casino’s own money so being able to play with the bonus money of a few casinos is a clear advantage that comes with Instant Play and eludes most gamers who download the casino.

Is There Any Restriction as to the Number of Instant Play Casino Games?

In our experience, all Instant Play casinos offer the same casino games on their Instant Play platform as they do on their download casino. Just as gaming at an online casino gives gamers infinitely more gaming flexibility than they would get at a land-based casino, so do gamers at an Instant Play casino have an advantage over gamers who play only at one online casino!

It is true that some mobile casino platforms have fewer games than the parent desktop casino. Mobile casinos also run as an app on the gamer’s smartphone so they don’t really use the Instant Play system at all.

Still, a gamer who has downloaded a mobile casino app can do the same for several mobile casinos thus reaping the benefit of gaming at a number of casinos..

Online Casino Gaming and Bonuses are a Marriage Made in Heaven

We spoke about using bonuses from several online casinos as one advantage of playing on an Instant Play platform. Here we would like to speak once again of how casino bonuses, free spins, and free chips demonstrate the inherent superiority of online casino gaming over land-based casino gaming.

The Wagering Requirement Says it All

Every online casino bonus has a wagering requirement that is an essential part of the bonus. This means that a gamer has to bet a factor of the bonus before he or she can withdraw winnings. The reason an online casino requires gamers to complete a wagering requirement is because otherwise some unscrupulous gamers would take the bonus and cash out immediately!

Only Online Casinos Can Offer Big Bonuses

The simple reason is that a gamer at an online casino has as much time as he or she needs to complete the wagering requirement while at a land-based casino, gamers have a few days at the most to complete a wagering requirement. So, land-based casinos simply cannot offer the same kinds of bonuses Instant Play casinos can offer.

Instant Play Offers Convenience

The major amenities gamers enjoy at the desktop casino apply whether the gamer downloads the casino or plays on the Instant Play platform. Thus, the Welcome Bonus is the same as with a download casino; the many promotions the casino offers all apply to both the download and the Instant Play casino; the number of video slots will be the same; and the number of online games in general will stay the same.

Players Usually Have to Download to Play in Slots Tournaments

This is the single most frustrating and illogical difference between a download casino and a no download casino. We expect this to change in the near future since an Instant Play Casino has to know that it is keeping a lot of gamers away from the casino simply because the gamers can’t download the casino and the casino does not offer a place at a slots tournament to a no download casino player.

Instant Play Online Casinos are Still Great on Balance

As unnecessary as this one data point is, we still feel that it poses too much burden to most computers to download a number of online casinos and the ability to play at a number of casinos over-weighs the insatiability to play in slots tournaments.

A Gaming Session with Instant Play Games

First, a gamer should always set a strict time limit on his or her Instant Play casino session. Then the gamer can access online slots, video poker, blackjack, and many other games from a few Instant Play casinos.

Every Game Provider Has a Way with Online Slots

The graphics and animation in online slots have become so good that it really behooves gamers to sample the slots of a number of game developers. This applies less to the different ways different game developers present other classic casino games such as roulette, baccarat, blackjack and craps.

But it does apply big time in the various casual games casinos offer!

A Casual Game by Any Other Name is Still a Casual Game

Online casinos have a number of different ways to refer to their casual games. Some call these games parlor games. Others use different monikers for these games. The point is that every game developer has a small library of casual games that are simply a lot of fun to play even though the return-to-player rate in these games is relatively low!

By playing casual games on Instant Play, gamers get the pleasure of playing a lot of games entirely for the fun factor inherent in the games!

Choose Instant Play Casinos and Instant Play Games

We here at Slots Play Casinos are big advocates of online casino gaming and as such we are also strong advocates of Instant Play casino games! While we do recognize some value in land-based casino gaming, we much prefer the online casino and Instant Play casino method of gaming.

We update the information we present to our readers often as this article attests to. COME TO SLOTS PLAY CASINOS OFTEN for excellent information and advice about casino gaming!

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