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What is Going on with Live Dealer Casinos Online?

We at Slots Play Casinos find it fascinating that while the technology for live dealer casinos via online casinos pre-dated the Covid 19 pandemic, it was the pandemic that spurred online casinos to spend the money needed to create a live dealer gaming arrangement.

The Movies and Live Dealer Gaming are Veritable Cousins

The technology for this is as old as motion pictures which date to the start of the 20th century.  All an online casino would need is a studio, a dealer, and the simplest of equipment.  Still, in the early days of online casino gaming, online casinos thought that offering live dealer gaming would send gamers running back to land-based casinos!

Atmosphere Makes the Gaming Work

Gamers were used to the atmosphere at land-based casinos.  There is very little atmosphere ─ we should more accurately say that there wasn’t a lot of atmosphere at the early online casinos ─ so online casinos thought that to offer live casino games would simply reinforce the feeling that online casinos lacked atmosphere and that all of the gaming atmosphere players liked was to be found at land-based casinos.

Covid-19 Came

When all of the land-based casinos were closed for the pandemic, online casinos were faced with a happy dilemma.  Gamers were coming to online casinos in large numbers simply because there wasn’t anywhere else to play.  Thus, setting up a live dealer gaming venue would not send gamers rushing back to shuttered land-based casinos.

As we said, the tech had long been available.  Now casinos could offer live dealer gaming as a service to gamers.  Since gamers were playing at online casinos in any case and would be for the foreseeable future, there was no downside to offering live casino gaming during the pandemic.

Gamers Discover the Many Advantages of Online Casino Gaming

As gamers who had previously been determined players at land-based casinos played and stayed at online casinos they soon “discovered” that there are a lot of advantages to playing casino games online.

Here is a short list of those advantages since the discussion we are having is specifically about live casino gaming:

  1. Convenience
  2. Comfort
  3. Promotions including deposit bonuses and free spins.
  4. Availability on a 24/7 basis.
  5. Higher payouts for a blackjack.
  6. Higher payouts in video poker.
  7. No hassles from very inebriated or even slightly inebriated people on the casino floor.
  8. No travel costs.
  9. No waiting to play any game.
  10. More games available to play.
  11. More variety of games.
  12. Banana Jones and similar super fun games.

Where Does Live Casino Gaming Fit in Here?

Live casino gaming through an online casino gives gamers the best of both worlds.  They experience and enjoy all of the advantages of gaming at an online casino and they recreate to a certain extent the atmosphere at a land-based casino at none of the cost!

One of the so-called good experiences at land-based casinos was the camaraderie fostered by being with similar-minded people.  This camaraderie was not long lasting but it was real while it lasted.  Live casino gaming gives players the chance to interact with the dealers and any other players at the table.

Some gamers develop friendships through the chat available at a live feed.  They can even schedule gaming together at the same live table.

How Will Live Casino Gaming Develop in the Coming Years?

A lot depends on how well online casino gamers take to live gaming.  Whereas graphics and animation are the keys to enjoying digital gaming, the live feed will have to entertain gamers in a different way.

As we iterated earlier, there is some risk to an online casino that chooses to go for live casino gaming.  Therefore, any online casino that wants to add a live gaming feed also has to look at every other game it offers.  They have to make sure that the digital games, especially slots, are as entertaining and fun to play as possible.

In this sense, the move to live gaming via an online casino will compel some casinos to improve their online product!

We Envision Many New Promotions

Online casinos have always offered a very different set of promotions than land-based casinos do.  We see deposit bonuses getting bigger.  We already saw this trend starting a while ago as inflation makes a thousand dollars feel like less than it was ten years prior.

As the gap between the haves and the have-nots widens, the haves will expect higher bonus amounts.

Slots Will Get More Colorful

We see online casinos asking their game providers to create much more compelling slots visually.  We see nostalgia for the fifties and sixties to entice casinos to ask for happy slots that revel in these bygone days.

We especially see game providers developing even more graphically excellent and animatedly amazing ways for the wild symbols to create winning spins.

Slots Based on Ancient Societies Will Segue into Slots Based on Modernism

Slots based on ancient cultures tend to be darker visually than slots based on more modern themes or more playful ideas.  The push to make slots more attractive because online casinos want to be able to offer more to live casino gamers than they do now will cause online casinos to emphasize more colorful slots.

The vibrant colors we see in modern movies, packaging, advertising, and so much more will make its way into the world of slots and other online casino games.

Banana Jones and Fish Catch are perfect examples of this trend.

Game Providers Will Feel the Competition

There are a few hundred game providers today.  Only 20 years ago, there were a lot fewer.  As the number of game providers increases, competition among them will increase and this, too, will show up in better digital games going forward.

There Will Be a New Employment Niche

The studio feed means that an attractive person who wishes to supplement his or her income by dealing blackjack in a studio live feed can do so from any city with an appropriate studio.

That means that blackjack dealers will no longer have to live in Las Vegas or any other land-based casino hub.  A proper studio can make a blackjack dealer out of a school teacher in Maine or a long-haul truck driver from Montana!

Slots Play Casinos Stays Abreast of All Developments in Online Casino Gaming

Our commitment is to report back to gamers what they can experience in the present and what they can expect in the future.  To be on the leading edge of all information regarding online casino gaming…


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