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What is the Best Online Casino Bonus for USA Gamers?

Here at Slots Play Casinos, SPC for short, we feel that this is quite a question!

The value of a great online casino bonus is a lot more complicated than it might appear at first!  So, let’s answer the question as best we can and then we will look more closely at all of the elements that make for the best online casino bonus USA!

Our best answer to this pressing question is: We don’t know and it depends!

Helpful, not so much, so let’s get down to the details.

What is a Casino Bonus?

An online casino has a big advantage over land-based casinos as far as being able to offer cash bonuses is concerned.  Every cash or deposit bonus has a wagering requirement which prevents a gamer from taking a bonus and cashing out right away.

The advantage online casinos have here is that online casino gamers can fulfill the wagering requirement−which is a factor of the bonus that gamers have to bet before they can withdraw winnings at their own pace with no rush.  Land-based casino players, if they could get a deposit bonus, would need to play many hours in the short time they would be at the casino.

This is functionally not possible so land-based casinos simply do not offer cash bonuses.

Best Online Casino Bonuses Shall Set You Free!

This applies both to online casino gamers and online casinos themselves!  Online gamers have many bonuses to choose from which brings us back to the original question regarding the best online bonuses.

The first happy insight that online casino managers and players discovered back in the early days of online casino gaming in the faraway time of late 20th century, was that the casinos could offer many bonuses!

Thus, were born casino promotion of cash bonuses and free spins and Welcome Bonuses for new gamers.

Welcome Bonuses are Plentiful in the Business World

Before the Covid 19 crisis, unemployment was so low that many businesses offered bonuses to new employees, especially high-level hires.  Online casinos offer high-level bonuses to ALL new players!

There is no single best casino welcome bonus since the gamer has to also “like” the casino enough to sign up there!  So, some high welcome bonuses are less popular than lower welcome bonuses since the overall impression the lower bonusing casino makes is better!

What Makes a Good Impression on New Gamers?

Clearly, the welcome package is a big factor.  Another very important factor is the interface on the casino’s landing page.  The term interface is a blanket or collective term that includes coloring scheme, font size in letters, contrast between the letters and the background and many others.

As an online casino watchdog, we at Slots Play Casinos cover many online casinos and are often amazed at how one casino will be amazingly user-friendly in its initial interface while another will have small, dark letters against a black background!

The Online Casino Interface is Super Important

A land-based casino’s interface is the casino itself.  Land-based casinos spend a lot of money making the casino especially attractive to players.  The cost of sprucing up a land-based casino is so high that these casinos have changed some game rules to give them enough profits to cover their extra costs.

How Do Land-based Casinos Change Game Rules?

In blackjack, for instance, online casinos pay 3-2 for a blackjack.  An increasing number of land-based casinos pay 6-5 for a blackjack.  This seemingly small change makes a lot of extra profits for those casinos that have made the change.

In video poker, the standard pay scale pays 9 coins for a full house and 6 coins for a flush.  Land-based casinos are quickly moving to an 8-5 pay scale for video poker.  As with blackjack, what looks like a minor tweak is not minor at all and it results in a lot of profits to the casino.

Land-based Casinos Reduce the Return to Player Rate in Slots

At both online and land-based casinos, slots are digital and the outcomes are all determined by the random number generator.  Land-based casinos have the RNG calibrated in the factory to give a much lower return to player rate than in online casinos – around 60% as opposed to 97%.

Online Casinos Run Many Promotions Based on Deposit Bonuses

These promotions are clearly shown under the heading “promotions” at all online casinos.  Many bonuses combine good deposit bonus rates and free spins to create very exciting promotions.

What is a Good Deposit Bonus Rate?

Every deposit bonus has a maximum amount a gamer can deposit to get the bonus.  For example, if the bonus is for 100% up to $1000, the player can deposit $1000 or less and get the bonus.

When we talk about good bonus rates, we mean both the actual rate of the bonus, which in our example was 100%, and the maximum a gamer can receive as a bonus in that promotion.

We know of online casinos that offer 200% up to a few thousand dollars as a deposit bonus rate in special promotions!

The bottom line is that bonuses are great, bonuses proliferate at online casinos and are practically non-existent at land-based casinos!

What Bonuses Do Land-based Casinos Offer?

A land-based casino might run a promotion that offers a good airfare and a reduced rate for a room at the hotel.  This type of promotion usually carries a minimum dollar amount for chips the player has to buy.

After these basically good promotions, the best most land-based casinos can do is offer free alcoholic drinks and free vouchers for buffet meals.  Both of these promotions are subtle ways the casinos get players to play longer than they should, to bet more aggressively than they should, and to make poor decisions at the table or terminal.

How Does That Work?

Alcohol reduces inhibitions and affects players’ cognitive skills.  A player at a land-based casino will lose any strategic edge he or she might have had before accepting free alcoholic drinks.

Players usually eat more at a buffet than at a restaurant.  People generally get tired after a big meal but land-based casinos know that most players will come back to the casino floor after a big meal at the buffet.  These players are now a bit too sleepy to make good decisions, play hunches more than usual, and make larger bets than their bankroll would support normally.

Land-based Casinos Have One More Trick up their Sleeve!

There are no windows at land-based casinos.  The result is that players lose track of time in a big way.  They continue to play after they have become tired, hungry, and in general, in need of a break.

Slots Play Casinos generally covers the online casino niche.  Still, we do recognize the value of land-based casino gaming provided gamers follow the rules of profitable gaming at land-based casinos.

These so-called rules are quite simple!

  1. Don’t drink any alcohol on the casino floor even though it is free.
  2. Rest after a free buffet meal.
  3. Keep track of the time.
  4. Never play 6-5 blackjack.
  5. Never play 8-5 video poker.
  6. Check the return to player rate in slots.  96% or more is acceptable; anything less is not acceptable.
  7. After playing at one casino for a while, go to another casino.

Instant Play Gives Online Gamers the Freedom to Go from Casino to Casino

One of the unsung benefits of gaming at an online casino is Instant Play.  You play directly on your internet server and thus can go from casino to casino with ease.  Any gamer who travels to a land-based casino hub should do the same!  Since there is no Instant Play at land-based casinos, the only way to play at several casinos is to walk or ride to them – and the fresh air will do you good!


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