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What is the Best Online Casino Promotion?

Online casino gaming is mostly about the games!  However, promotions are a great way for gamers to enhance their bankroll thus extending the fun they have playing online casino games.

Here Slots Play Casinos will talk about the best online casino promotions with a few examples from our long list of reviewed and recommended online casinos.

Why Do we Talk about Online Casino Promotions?

Most of the promotions we talk about in this article are not available to players at land-based casinos.  The simple reason is that a land-based casino cannot afford to offer such high promotions and, in the case of deposit bonuses, the logistics of such promotions is beyond the reach of most gamers so the casino doesn’t offer them.

Why are Deposit Bonus Promotions Difficult for Land-based Casinos to Offer?

There is a wagering requirement that accompanies deposit bonuses.  This is a factor of the bonus, usually about 30x, that gamers have to wager before they can withdraw winnings.

The wagering requirement was introduced in the very early days of online casino gaming as some gamers withdrew the bonus as soon as the casino credited it to their account!

The problem land-based casinos face with this kind of bonus is that players at these casinos don’t normally have the time to complete the wagering requirement.  Players at land-based casinos may be there for a few hours if it is a local small casino or for a few days if it is one of the larger casinos.

Even on a long weekend, players will find it difficult to fulfill a bonus of a few thousand dollars.

Do Casinos Also Offer Free Spins?

Online casinos do often offer free spins as part of a promotion.  The important thing to understand is that an online casino can accommodate as many gamers as want to play any given game while land-based casinos are limited by the terminals they devote to a single game.

In contrast, a land-based casino has a limited number of terminals for each game (often just one) and they cannot afford to have a terminal occupied by a player taking free spins.

The Best Casino Promotions are Deposit Bonuses and Free Spins

There is one exception to this statement and it applies to both online and land-based casinos and in these cases, the land-based casino may have an advantage!

This is that area of promotions directed at high rollers.

At an online casino, a high roller will be offered a better deposit bonus in terms of the bonus percentage and the top limit of the bonus itself.  At a land-based casino, the player may be offered a free hotel room with upgrades available depending on the status of the high roller.

Some land-based casinos require high rollers to commit to betting a given amount for the hotel upgrade.  This is similar to the wagering requirement for deposit bonuses with the understanding that a true high roller can bet a few hundred dollars much more easily than the average player can.

Many Great Promotions are Exclusive to a Site

Slots Play Casinos has exclusive promotional deals with some online casinos.  To access these exclusive promotions, a gamer has to go to the Slots Play Casinos home page and then  at the top of the page is a long drop down list of casino bonuses.

  1. Ripper Casino offers a $7500 Welcome Package and a 200% bonus every weekday morning during the rush hour.
  2. Everygame Casino has a $5555 Welcome Package plus New Game and Game of the Month promotions.
  3. PlayCroco has fully 19 promotions!
  4. FairGo has many promotions, runs tournaments, and publishes Koala’s Diary.
  5. SlotoCash also publishes a great magazine with promotions and life hacks.
  6. Uptown Aces has a Welcome Package with 6 deposit bonuses.  The first bonus is for 250% and the sixth is for 188%.  The middle four are for 100%.  The total package is worth up to $8888 and includes 350 free spins.

As you can see, most of the promotions are for Welcome Bonuses, promotional deposit bonuses, and free spins.

Most online casinos also offer no deposit bonuses.  A no deposit bonus will normally be for under $100−nothing close to the five-figure deposit bonuses they offer regularly. A no deposit bonus is a welcome gift but it is more like a maraschino cherry on top of a hot fudge sundae: delicious but fleeting.

Why Does SPC Recommend Online Casinos that Offer Small Welcome Packages?

Joining an online casino is usually a long-term decision so the size of the Welcome Package is less important than the many other factors that go into a recommendation from Slots Play Casinos.

These include banking security, promotions, a long list of games, many variations of blackjack and video poker, the overall atmosphere at the casino, and 24/7 customer support at the highest level.

So, our recommendations cover a lot of ground in addition to the generous Welcome Packages.

On the Other Hand…

However, the existence of many good casinos with high Welcome Packages plus the universal availability of Instant Play which makes gaming possible without downloading the casino, means that gamers can join more than one online casino.

Joining more than one online casino gives gamers much more “free” money to play with!

Get Comp Points at Online and Land-based Casinos

We will conclude with a discussion about the ubiquitous comp points promotion.  There are several different names casinos use to describe this promotion.  Still, it is offered by an overwhelming number of both online and land-based casinos

Not All Comp Points Promotions are Created Equal

The comp points promotions at online casinos continue indefinitely.  As gamers collect the critical mass of points, the casino will offer them the chance to redeem their points for casino credits.

The casino also keeps track of every gamer’s comp points.

At a land-based casino, the comp points are collected on the player’s card.  There are two problems with this arrangement.  First, each player has to remember to bring his or her player’s card when they return to that casino.  This is a simple problem to solve.  Just remember which drawer you put the player’s card in last year!

The second problem is more pernicious.  At a land-based casino, all accumulated comp points stay in limbo until the player returns to the casino and adds more points to their total.  That means that probably many millions of comp points for land-based casinos are sitting in drawers waiting for a chance to grow!

This rarely happens at an online casino as the players can play wherever and whenever they wish!

Casino Promotions Make Gaming Great

While we can’t state definitively which casino promotion is the best one, we can say that the best promotions at online casinos far outpace the promotions at land-based casinos which are generally free buffet meals and free alcohol.

Some land-based casinos now also offer free mobile gaming!  This is the subject for another article as it strikes us as proof that online casino gaming is superior!


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