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What Should a New Online Casino Gamer Know?

Everygame Casino Classic continues to grow.  The casino has been adding gamers by the thousands since land-based casinos shut their doors during the Corona Virus Crisis.  We believe that a lot of Everygame Casino’s recent growth has come about through word-of-mouth recommendations from Slots Play Casinos and by new gamers who have found in the casino a friendly and helpful place to play great online casino games.

Still, there is a lot for new online casino gamers to learn since online casinos are quite a bit different than land-based casinos.  So, here are a few very important things for new online casino gamers to know.

The Random Number Generator Determines All Online Casino Outcomes

The RNG is the way digital casino games are run.  At a land-based casino, there are roulette, craps, blackjack, and baccarat tables.  All of these games are digital at Everygame Casino and at all online casinos.

The RNG has no memory!  This is important since so many players at land-based casinos fall prey to the Gambler’s Fallacy which states that some outcomes are “due” to happen.

The Gambler’s Fallacy has been around as long as people have bet on outcomes.  But the Random Number Generator makes the Gambler’s Fallacy incontrovertible.

Land-based casino players used to think, and some still do, that the dice can be predicted, that the physical arm of an old-fashioned slot machine can be controlled, and so on.  The RNG says: “NO”!

The Random Number Generator Also Makes All Betting Systems False

Betting systems have also been around for a long time.  The RNG has no memory.  So, every spin in slots or throw of the dice or spin of the roulette wheel is an individual event.  A small losing streak in even money bets will result in a bet of hundreds of dollars to win the player’s modest first bet.

This is not the way to play casino games!

Everygame Casino Classic Uses Encryption Software for Your Safety

Encryption software is the best way any online business that deals with money can safeguard financial transactions.  The list of companies that use encryption software is, therefore, very long!  It includes Big Box companies, your local supermarket, airlines and all travel companies, ticket companies, and…. Well, you get the idea.

Because of the encryption software online casinos such as Everygame Casino use, gamers feel safe leaving money in their casino account.  Everygame Casino has a massive bank of computers that keep track of everything that happens at the casino from game outcomes to the ebb and flow of every gamer’s account, to the accumulation of comp points.

Everygame Casino Offers Many Promotions

Here is where online casinos shine and Everygame Casino is no exception.  The Welcome Package at Everygame Casino Classic is worth up to $5555 in deposit bonuses and a modest no deposit bonus at the end.

Online casinos can offer bonuses worth thousands of dollars because gamers can leave their money in their casino account and can come back the next day or the day after to play once again.

At a land-based casino, when a player leaves, he or she is gone for anywhere from a few weeks to several months, years, or forever!

Why Can Online Casinos Offer Big Bonuses?

The simple reason comes in two parts.  First, there is a wagering requirement attached to every deposit bonus.  This protects online casinos from unscrupulous players who might take a bonus and cash out right away.  The wagering requirement is a factor of the bonus which the gamer has to bet before he or she can withdraw winnings.

A wagering requirement of 30 times the bonus is considered fair.

Only Online Casino Gamers Can Complete a Wagering Requirement

This is true in almost all cases.  The exception would be a super-rich high roller who could make a few big bets and complete the wagering requirement.  Here we are talking about average gamers.

At an online casino, gamers can complete a wagering requirement at their leisure, taking as long as they need to do so.  At a land-based casino, time runs out, the player goes home, and the wagering requirement hangs in the balance possibly forever!

Thus, land-based casinos do not offer cash bonuses.  Instead, they offer free alcohol the cost of which is returned to the casino many times over by players too buzzed to make good decisions.

Or they offer free buffet meals the cost of which is returned many times over by players who have become tired as they digest their massive meal and make poor decisions in the process.

The Return to Player Rate is Higher at an Online Casino

This is almost universally true in slots where the RNG can be calibrated to return whatever the casino wants it to return.  Since land-based casinos have so much higher operating costs than do online casinos, they generally calibrate their slots to return about 90% of all bets back to players.

Online casinos such as Everygame Casino generally calibrate slots to return 96-97% of all bets made back to gamers.

Online Casinos Pay More in Blackjack and Video Poker

These two great games cannot be gamed by a land-based casino in the gameplay.  If a gamer uses the best strategy on every hand, the return to player rate in both games is about 99.5%.

How, then, do land-based casinos reduce the return to player rate in blackjack and video poker?  They reduce payouts!

This way of increasing profits at land-based casinos is far from universal but it is increasing as land-based casinos need to generate more profits per player since so many former players at land-based casinos no longer go to land-based casinos, having discovered the many advantages of playing at an online casino.

Many land-based casinos now pay only 6-5 for a blackjack and pay 8-5 or even 7-5 for a full house or a flush in video poker.

Online casinos such as Everygame Casino Classic pay 3-2 for a blackjack and 9-6 in video poker.

These changes at land-based casinos seem small but in terms of the return to player rate, they are huge changes, changes that benefit only the house at many land-based casinos.

Slots Play Casinos Reports on all Facets of Online Casino Gaming

Here at SPC, we have written hundreds of pages of articles and gaming guides.  This short guide for new online casino gamers is a case in point.  It has been our experience that gamers who try out an online casino based upon our recommendation become loyal online casino gamers.

We recommend Everygame Casino Classic whole-heartedly!


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