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Where Will Glamma’s Adventures Take Her in 2024

As many of you already know, Jackpot Capital’s mascot and favorite Granny, Glamma, is going on what she and the casino call Glamma’s Adventures to cover all of 2024 and starting in December in Aspen, Colorado.

Where might Glamma be going in 2024?

What Important Things are Happening in 2024?

Well, there will be a presidential election in November in the United States!  We think that Glamma will stay non-political throughout the year!  So, no trips to Washington D.C. in October or November!

Glamma Loves Her Motorcycle

As you all know, Glamma is to motorcycles as people are to chocolate!  So, we can expect Glamma to go where her motorcycle takes her.  There are wide open spaces out west in the United States for a motorcycling granny to let the throttle out.

Do We Imagine Wyoming or Montana?

Yes, we do but we don’t know for sure since Glamma is keeping her itinerary, if she even has one set already, close to the vest, so to speak.  Still, if Glamma wants to fly through the ranchlands of the western United States, she should think about doing it is the late spring, after the winter snows are gone and before the heat of summer kicks in.

Twisting Away Towards the Top of Mount Evans

Speaking about a great ride in late spring, we have the Mount Evans Road in Colorado about an hour west of Denver.  By the way, we think that Glamma will skip Denver in favor of Boulder and especially Colorado Springs which are hip and lively.

The road to the top of Mount Evans is closed in the winter because of snow.  Once the road opens, there is still a lot of snow on the sides of the road and in the mountains.  This is the highest road in the world and it gives people at the summit a great view of Denver from above.

Seeing a thunderstorm hit Denver from the top of Mount Evans is a sight worthy of anyone’s bucket list.

Where Might Glamma Spend the Cold Months?

Well, we can eliminate all of Canada except for the very southwestern tip which is called Vancouver Island even though Vancouver is not there!  What is there is a great Botanical Garden called Butchart Gardens.

There is No Generation Gap at Butchart Gardens

Butchart Gardens has an amazing story to tell.  It was started around 2006 by a woman named Jenny Butchart who had come west with her husband to Vancouver Island from Toronto to quarry limestone for cement.   When the limestone ran out, Jenny, thought about creating a sunken garden.

Little did she imagine that her sunken garden would span over 50 acres and would attract about one million people every year.  The gardens are still managed by Jenny Butchart’s great-granddaughter!

The combination of Jenny Butchart starting a “garden” over 100 years ago and the garden still being run by the third generation removed from Jenny, seems like the perfect place for our Glamma to spend some time.

And there are over 900 different species of plants displayed at Butchart Gardens!

It’s a Lot of Driving to Get to the Pacific Northwest!

Yes, it is, so, if Glamma wants to spend some winter time there she will have to incorporate other sights and sounds along the way.  Here we might suggest the National Parks of Utah and Arizona.  Spoiler alert: the National Park in Arizona is the Grand Canyon!

These parks can be cold in the winter but they are very hot in the summer so, maybe.

Travel Highway 1

Highway 1 in California is a great road to travel from north to south since you are closer to the ocean that way.  There are a lot of small state parks along the way.  And, if you want to bypass Los Angeles, you can turn inland at Gilroy where some people swear that you can smell the garlic in the air.

Gilroy is the garlic capital of the world but you can smell the garlic in the air only during the weeks when it is being processed.  Granny loves garlic so this might be another option for her winter trip out west.  In the Gilroy area there are many wineries so Granny can taste some wine, buy a bottle or three, and have a rollicking good evening!

By the way, Chicago means smelly onions in the Native American language of the residents there before the Americans settled the swamp.

Just saying!

Swamps are for Lovers

Tricked you!

Swamps are for lovers only if you are an alligator or other swamp creature!

But the best swamps in the United States are all in the southeast which makes putting them in a winter itinerary might be a good idea for our Glamma.

The old South with big old mansions and year-round foliage is a great area to explore if you are a granny with a lot of time on your hands!  Natchez, Mississippi (if you are an American, it is likely that you can rattle off the spelling of Mississippi at rocket speed!) has a lot of big plantation houses that offer tours.

When the Leaves Turn Red

When the leaves turn red, they also turn yellow and brown and orange and several shades in between!  New England still has the reputation for the best leaf watching in the United States but there is great leaf watching everywhere the weather turns cold in the fall.

So, Glamma is a rolling stone, wherever she lays her hat is home, and that goes for leaf watching, too!

The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Glamma Revving up Her Engine

Heading out on the highway and looking for adventure and whatever comes her way!

Glamma was certainly born to be wild and in her later years, she is certainly channeling her wild side!  So, we suspect that Glamma will have plenty of surprises up her sleeves for us as she travels the wide world in 2024.

Can an Average Jackpot Capital Gamer Emulate Glamma?

Well, Jackpot Capital does have a large selection of games that allow gamers to let their imaginations run wild.  There are slots about ancient cultures such as the Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Chinese, Aztec, Inca, and Mayan cultures.

There are slots with a more modern theme.  There are holiday slots that either scare the wits out of gamers at Halloween time or set a mood for lovers around Valentine’s Day.

The mobile gaming platform is great for lovers to play on while all intertwined curled up on the sofa or in bed!

Jackpot Capital has great adventures in blackjack, table games, video poker, and Banana Jones who emulates Glamma every day as he pursues the Crystal Banana.

Slots Play Casinos Emulates Glamma, Too

Well, we emulate her by always being on the lookout for new things to report back to our readers.  We cover the entire online gaming milieu so it is  a good idea for gamers to…


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