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Why SlotoCash Casino Represents the Casino of the Future

We recently revisited SlotoCash Casino and, naturally, we were very impressed! Since then, we have looked again at the casino and something jumped out at us: SlotoCash Casino may very well represent a future trend in online casinos!

Let’s take a look.

Land-based Casinos Cannot Claim to Have a Large, Loyal Following

Land-based casinos thrive on players coming fir a long weekend or for a convention and playing for a couple or three days and then leaving. Some very local land-based casinos may have frequent repeat players but, for the most part, land-based casinos don’t count on repeat players, rather they count on new players coming in all the time.

Online casinos do thrive on having a large, loyal group of gamers! SlotoCash Casino seems to know this better than most online casinos and that is what we would like to talk about: how SlotoCash shows some of the features of a future casino.

Online Casino Gamers Appreciate being Spoken To

Once again, we see a vast difference in how land-based casinos and online casinos look at their players. At a land-based casino, all interactions between the casino and the players is frontal. However, the attitude of most of the people who are responsible for interactions with players is “according to the book”.

Players at on land casinos are aware that there are cameras all around because the casino is concerned about cheaters. Some players realize that the casino is as concerned about dealers or croupiers cheating as about players cheating.

Blackjack players who count cards or try to do so may be asked to leave the casino. Land-based casino players know that they may have to wait to play a game they like and that they give up their place at a terminal if they go away for a couple of minutes.

There is almost no frontal contact between the gamer and an online casino. The one exception is when a gamer calls the casino’s customer service office and talks to a representative.

Here is the first area where SlotoCash has excelled since it came online in 2007. The frontal approach of a live customer service representative is a lot more personal than just reading from a script of responses. All good online casinos have good customer service but they do tend to follow a script. SlotoCash Casino demonstrates through its customer service that online gamers appreciate being spoken “to” not spoken “at”!

The Casino of the Future Will Have to Have a Sense of Humor

In the form of Mr. Sloto, SlotoCash shows that it realizes that the concept of entertainment at an online casino is a lot more than the games and bonus promotions. In the future, we expect that every successful online casino will have a mascot of sorts.

These mascots may be people as in the case of Mr. Sloto or they may be an animal, real or invented. Whichever may be the case, the mascot will be given the responsibility to talk to gamers.

Just as online casinos are able to bring in at least one new slot every month, the mascot will have to talk to gamers about something new every month as well. Online casinos will employ writers whose job is to put the words together for the mascot’s monthly talk!

Now, we all know that a talk can be as boring as anything so the mascot’s little talks and everything about the casino will have to reflect a deep sense of humor. Gamers at online casinos have not yet come to expect the casino to see fun as its major goal but we here at Slots Play Casinos know that online gaming fun will be the thrust of all good online casinos going forward.

SlotoCash is showing the way with an excellent blog, an articles section, the Sloto Magazine, and Sloto Life.

Sloto Life is All about Life Hacks

In Sloto Life, you will find articles about health, nutrition, how to relax and unwind, how to survive the cold months and stay in good health, good ways to reduce stress, and much, much more.

Of course, SlotoCash doesn’t expect its articles and life hacks to be the final word on any subject but they see them as a valuable contribution. Often, a gamer or just a person, will see an article that spurs on an idea that the gamer then researches and the end result is quite positive.

SlotoMagazine is an online magazine in the fullest sense with excellent graphics, timely writing, and great color. As a magazine it has to appeal first to the eyes and it does so extremely well!

Why Will Casinos of the Future Have to be More than Games?

As people become more sophisticated they come to expect more from every enterprise or business they support. Online casinos started out as a digital alternative to land-based casinos. They offered a lot of games with no travel costs.

There is a development in the land-based casino market that points in a similar direction in the online casino market. The Integrated Resort is a large complex of attractions that include a casino, a hotel with family suites, a water park, many different types of restaurants and pubs, a convention center, a movie complex, large playgrounds, and more.

The Integrated Resort idea came about in the Far East as some jurisdictions wanted to have a casino and to downplay it as much as possible. There was the feeling that a standalone casino would attract the wrong kind of people while the Integrated Resort would attract many different kinds of people from families to convention-goers to culinary devotees, to tourists, to people just out to have a good time.

The many ways that SlotoCash Casino talks to their gamers is in a sense the prototype of the Integrated Online Casino of the future where the casino will be a lot more than just a conduit for great games.

SlotoCash Runs Many Daily Promotions

Many online casinos run excellent monthly or weekly promotions. SlotoCash realizes that promotions have to be an everyday opportunity for gamers. After all, the online gaming experience can be measured time-wise in minutes while the land-based casino experience is measured in hours and days.

That’s because an online casino is available every day so gaming sessions can be shorter and more frequent while land-based casinos are available only when a player has the time and money to get there so the gaming sessions at land-based casinos tend to be for many hours at a time!

The daily promotions at SlotoCash are simple and easy to accept. There may be a tournament with a very small buy-in fee or no buy-in fee at all. These tournaments will attract gamers whose sole goal is to have fun with no expectation of getting rich quick.

SlotoCash seems to know the gamer of the present and future as well as any casino can and adds to their understanding of gamers’ needs regularly. It is for all of these reasons that we at Slots Play Casinos are fully on board with the SlotoCash vision for the future of online casino gaming.

Come to Slots Play Casinos often for the best up-to-date information about all things casino!

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