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Why Slots Play Casinos Recommends Red Stag Casino

It’s time to pay another visit to Red Stag Casino.  Here at Slots Play Casinos we were very impressed with Red Stag when we reviewed it a few years ago.  Let’s see if the casino’s good first impression is still strong and worthy of SPC’s two thumbs up.

Let’s make this revisit to Red Stag as if we were new online casino players looking for a great online casino.

What Should a New Online Casino Gamers Look For?

We all want to have fun gaming online casino games which is the primary goal of all good online casinos such as Red Stag.

However, speaking realistically, safety and security should be any new online casino gamer’s first priority.

There are thousands of online casinos which means that the industry has experienced exponential growth since the firs online casino came on board 29 years ago!

Not all of the thousands of internet casinos can provide the safety and security that the casinos we here at Slots Play Casinos recommend, including Red Stag Casino.

How Do Online Casinos Provide Safety and Security?

Thery use encryption software.  This is software that every responsible online company, not at all just casinos, uses to protect customers’ information and assets.  Red Stag and all top-level casinos, use the best encryption software because they have many billions of bits of information to protect.

Corollary to the encryption software requirement is that all top online casinos including Red Stag have huge data banks where they store your vital and personal information.

Once a gamer has satisfied himself or herself as to the safety and security at an online casino, they are ready to sign up to play and start playing!

New Online Casino Gamers Enjoy Excellent Promotions

The first promotion new gamers can enjoy is the casino’s Welcome Package.  At Red Stag Casino, new gamers can access two promotions exclusively designed for new gamers.  One is the regular Welcome Package which has seven modest deposit bonuses, each of which has free spins attached to it.

The maximum bonuses for each of the seven deposit bonuses are quite small, which we think is a good thing as we will explain in a moment and the free spins apply to a different slot each time.

Why are Small Bonuses a Good Thing?

First, we have to understand that if a gamer takes all seven deposit bonuses, he or she will get a full $2500 in bonuses.  The bonus rates are more important than the maximum bonus size.  For example, the first deposit bonus in the Red Stag Welcome Package has a 275% bonus for up to $550.  That means that a small $200 deposit earns an extra $550 to play with!

We find it very satisfying that Red Stag is so confident of its ability to retain new gamers, even in this era of no downloads, gaming on Instant Play, and being able to play at any of thousands of casinos, that Red Stag does not feel the need to corral new gamers with a massive one-time deposit bonus!

What is the Second New Player Promotion?

It is called Buffalo Bounty, and it carries a 365% bonus!  This promotion will run through September.  It will likely be replaced by a similar bonus offer for October.  A 365% bonus offer is very rare in the online casino market!

Once a new gamer has become comfortable at Red Stag, he or she will  realize that the casino has a very broad range of fantastic promotions that they offer almost every day of the week!

Banking Has to be Safe and Easy

We spoke about safety above.  Now to convenience!

Red Stag offers many different ways to send and withdraw money.  Some online casinos seem to be moving away from the most traditional bank transfers and credit or debit cards.  Bitcoin and Litecoin are all the rage.  Red Stag still promotes a wide variety of banking methods, including cryptocurrencies, for gamers’ convenience.

Now to the Games!

Red Stag offers a few hundred slots!  One of the things we like that Red Stag does, that not enough online casinos do, is it gives pertinent information about each slot right there on the landing page.

When you put the cursor on a slot, Red Stag tells you how many paylines the slot has, if there is a bonus embedded in the slot, and if there are free spins and how many there are.

Also, and this is even more of a benefit to gamers than the information we referred to above, Red Stag invites gamers to play a demo version of the game!

At every turn, Red Stag demonstrates that it is supremely confident in its product, namely online casino games for real money, that it offers gamers a way to decide, at no risk, if a given game is suitable to them.

Blackjack and Video Poker

These casino games have the highest return to player rate of all the games offered by Red Stag and others at 99.5%!  Red Stag appears to have hit on a gaming phenomenon that most people are not yet aware of.

It would appear, based on the number of video poker variations the casino offers compared to the number of blackjack variations it offers, that video poker is by far the up and coming online casino game and that blackjack is slowly losing its appeal!

Of course, blackjack fans have plenty to choose from!   Still, there are 22 video poker games on offer!

The key to winning at both blackjack and video poker is to play every hand with the best strategy.  It takes time and patience to master the best strategy in these games and, when a gamer does so, they reap the benefits of a return to player rate that is as close to 100% as possible!

Join Tournaments for More Gaming Fun

A lot of online casinos offer tournaments only in the download form.  As we said earlier, gamers these days prefer to play in Instant Play and access several online casinos at the same time.

So, these gamers at other casinos lose out on the chance to enter and enjoy tournaments.

It is different at Red Stag!  The casino wants gamers to enter tournaments!  Most tournaments have a zero or a very small, buy-in fee.  The prize pool is consequently small.  The bottom line is that gamers love tournaments because they channel online casino fun to the greatest degree!

Slots Play Casinos Renews Our Recommendation of Red Stag Casino

Slots Play Casinos is even more impressed with Red Stag than we were the first time we reviewed the casino!  SPC covers the online casino market for you.  As the online casino market continues to expand, SPC will be there to keep you abreast of all new and important developments in online casino gaming.


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