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How will Covid-19 Affect Gambling in the Future?

The Covid-19 strain of the new novel coronavirus has put the skids on gambling worldwide. Sportsbooks are struggling to make profits as events are either cancelled or postponed. Although we’ve seen countless funny memes associated with it, such as the corona beer virus isolating itself from other cold beverages in the fridge, the actual Covid-19 has caused chaos on the entertainment world (and thus the economy too).

Macau – the center of gambling in the Far East – is trying to recover after an enforced two-week shutdown of its gaming halls at the beginning of the pandemic.  Although the casinos have reopened, people are choosing to stay away.  Even the brick and mortar casinos in the US, UK, and Europe are under siege as patrons choose to self-isolate and stay away from large crowds.

That, of course, is good news for the remote gambling sector, where self-isolation is the norm… and freebies – like the latest Fair Go Casino bonus codes – are prevalent and easily accessible!

Global Spread Infects Thousands

The virus, which was first detected in Wuhan China in December 2019 has spread like wildfire, killing more than 1.2 million people worldwide, and the numbers keep rising with second and third waves hitting country after country.

According to recent estimates, there have been over 46 million people infected people in more than 99 countries and territories… and there appears to be no discernible let-up in the contagion.

To date, Covid-19 has wiped trillions of dollars off the world’s stock markets. Commercial activities have ground to a halt, schools and colleges closed, flights cancelled and international supply chains ferrying food, manufactured goods, components, and raw material disrupted for the foreseeable future.

Nothing is working as it should in a world effectively held hostage by an infectious disease that has caught both scientists and healthcare workers by surprise.

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Casino Share Prices and Revenue Plummet

Entertainment and casino groups in the United States and elsewhere are among the major casualties in the alarming dive in the global share prices.

MGM, Las Vegas Sands, Red Rock Resorts and Wynn Resorts have watched in dismay as their share prices plummeted by as much as 21.5 percent in some cases – and that’s over a period of just a few weeks at the beginning!  Now, nearly a year from when we first heard about the coronavirus in China, no end is clearly in sight.

In financial terms, it’s a blood bath. What is even more worrying for shareholders is there is no guarantee things will ever fully return to normal. Even now, Macau casinos are operating at a loss, with takings plunging by up to 80 percent.

If you are a shareholder in one of the big gaming companies, we strongly suggest you banish the fiscal blues by redeeming one of the Fair Go Casino bonus codes right away. That way, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy the best casino games in the safety of your own home… complements of the house.

Las Vegas Casinos Ramp Up the Safety Features

With over 9 million confirmed cases and 240,000 reported deaths from Covid-19 the USA remains on high alert.  With cases reported in every state, the largest percentage of cases are in metropolitan areas.  Las Vegas Casinos are necessarily adopting a maximized safety routine.

Hand sanitizers are being rolled out both front-house and the number of gaming tables – and the patrons who join these tables – will be limited to prevent the possible further spread of the virus. Of course, casinos will take all necessary precautions including checking the temperature of patrons who have decided to brave entering the casino.

The problem is these sorts of emergency measures may not be nearly enough to stifle the panic caused by the disease. Many people still elect to stay away from crowded places – the older populations especially – until the virus is contained.

The Beginning of a New Remote World Order?

Even then there is a strong likelihood folk will avoid visiting public places that are not essential to their survival and well-being. Will Covid-19 change the way we work, play, shop, and travel for good?

Pundits believe it could be the beginning of a new world order where everything is done remotely online. That of course would accelerate the demise of shopping malls, B&M casinos, theatres, and amusement parks.

With the conventional way of doing things relegated to the dustbin of history, start-ups, and companies specializing in e-commerce, streaming services, augmented reality, and online gaming services, nourished by player perks like Fair Go Casino bonus codes, would experience a sustained market boom.

What About the Bookmakers?

Bookmakers and sports betting companies have taken a big hit.  With numerous sports leagues simply cancelled or shortened there just isn’t what to beg on.  Some sports have returned with a shortened schedule played to empty stadiums – like US baseball this summer – but the fans just aren’t into it.  The interest in betting on a team playing before no crowd just lacks the excitement that sports bettors go for.

Right now, the bookies are taking a hit. Without the sports betting opportunities presented by the likes of Serie A football fixtures, Six Nations rugby matches, F1 China, the Grand National, and the MotoGP in Thailand betting companies like William Hill, Betfair, Ladbrokes, and Paddy Power are sure to report declining revenue.

Just as online casinos have seen a boost in the vacuum left by land-based casinos, esports betting is also on the rise with fantasy sports leagues drawing the fans to their sites for their sporting action.

Long-Term Impact Expected to Online Sports Betting Platforms

The question is what will happen when the virus is brought under control and sporting schedules are back to normal?  Will sport betting return to its former levels. The fact that all the reputable betting companies have an online presence is, of course, a major plus.

Along with the hundreds of remote casino games that can be fuelled by the latest Fair Go Casino bonus codes, punters can watch live streams of the best sporting events in real-time and place fixed odds or in-play bets on the action… without venturing into public spaces.

Why would anyone risk getting infected by Covid-19 and the viruses that are sure to follow when they can bet on the Champions League, the horses or Formula One from their own home? Similarly, doesn’t it make more sense to play slots, roulette, blackjack, and baccarat online?

Safely redeem Fair Go Casino bonus codes on your PC or phone and enjoy the real money gaming action in a secure environment, rather than running the gauntlet of disease. You can even enjoy a cold Corona beer without any risk of exposure to the virus, we promise!

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