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You Don’t Have to be an Aussie to Play at Croco Casino

One of our most popular recommended casinos is Springbok Casino which caters to South African gamers even though the casino does accept players from all over the world.  Here we will revisit Croco Casino, a casino that caters to Australian gamers!

When we first reviewed PlayCroco, we were duly impressed.  We are still impressed and happily renew our recommendation of the casino.  Let’s take a look at what impressed us with the original review and what now impresses us a few years later.

Safe and Varied Banking

Some online casinos have reduced the number of ways players can deposit and withdraw funds.  PlayCroco seems to be expanding their range of banking options rather than reducing them!

Even as bitcoin and Litecoin are the most modern banking methods, PlayCroco remains steadfast in its support of the e-wallets that so many gamers use for online casino banking.  These e-wallets include Neosurf, Ezee Wallet, and Interac.

What Was the Innovation E-Wallets Brought to Online Casino Gaming?

E-wallets did not make only online casino banking easier; they became a way to have an online account for any number of transactions. The E-wallets really were the catalyst that made online shopping or simply online purchasing fast, safe, secure, and possible.

How Does PlayCroco Make Banking Safe and Secure?

There is a type of software that scrambles information that sits online so that hackers cannot access this information.  This software is called encryption software.  It is where the crypto part of cryptocurrency comes from.  We will be getting to cryptocurrency soon.

Without encryption software, online commerce wouldn’t be possible!  Hackers would have access to all transactions and soon no one would buy anything online!

Encryption software has to keep up with the sophistication of hackers.  All good online casinos such as PlayCroco Casio, use the best encryption software.

Most Online Casinos Have Safe and Secure Banking

If it were only about safe banking, PlayCroco would not have made as much of an impression as the casino made looking back.  Most online casinos have safe and secure banking!

Bitcoin and Litecoin

These are the best-known cryptocurrencies.  Many online casinos now accept bitcoin and PlayCroco also accepts Litecoin.   Bitcoin and Litecoin are also sometimes called alternative currencies. This applies to any discussion of why are there cryptocurrencies at all.

Here we are talking about safe and secure banking at PlayCroco and other online casinos.  In short, bitcoin and Litecoin are the fastest and most private ways to transfer money across the internet.  Gamers who are looking for total anonymity gravitate to bitcoin and Litecoin for online casino gaming!

Banking at PlayCroco is varied and safe!

So, let’s look at what gaming is like at PlayCroco!

We Would Like to Work Backwards

You’ll see what we mean when we get to the gigantic library of slots.  But we would like to start with Croco Casino’s Specialty Games.

These games are often overlooked by gamers.  PlayCroco has the ubiquitous Fish Catch and Banana Jones plus Keno.  The question that leaps out is: Where is American Roulette?

You see, most online casinos carry both American and European Roulette since their game provider provides both.  PlayCroco offers only European Roulette!  This is great for gamers since the return-to-player rate in European Roulette is 2.5% higher than in American Roulette.

In other words, the house edge in American Roulette is twice the house edge in European Roulette.  If you play European Roulette and you stick with the so-called even money bets, you will be able to play for an hour or so with either a small win or a small loss.

Video Poker and Blackjack

PlayCroco offers several variations of both of these high-end games.  With best strategy on every hand, gamers can achieve a 99.5% return to player rate.

It is true that Aussie gamers love their slots, and even have a uniquely Australian name for them, but there is a lot to be said for a game that requires some analysis and deep thinking as well!  These are the intellectual benefits to be had by playing video poker and blackjack.

Play Caribbean Poker for a Fantastic Change of Pace

These are three variations of poker that were developed in the Caribbean about 30 years ago.  So, the phrase: “There is nothing new under the sun” is demonstrably not true!  In fact, the Caribbean Poker games were developed under the Caribbean sun!

Caribbean Poker is an Exciting Poker Variation

What is amazing about Caribbean Poker is that there are actually two bets.  Gamers make an ante bet and then the dealer deals the cards depending on the Caribbean Poker variation the gamer is playing.

To Bet or Not to Bet

Then the gamer has to decide if he or she wants to go on with this hand or fold.  If the gamer folds, they lose the ante bet.  If they go on, they have to add another bet that is double their ante bet.

The Dealer Needs a Minimum Hand to Win

Then the dealer completes the hand.  There are now three possible outcomes to the hand.  A lot depends on whether the dealer “qualifies”.  The dealer has to qualify in order to win both of the gamer’s bets.

Is it Complicated?

Not at all!

Here are the three possible outcomes in a Caribbean Poker hand in which the gamer stayed in the hand and added the second bet:

  1. The dealer qualifies and his hand is better than the player’s hand.  The dealer wins both bets.
  2. The dealer qualifies and the player’s hand is better.  The player wins both bets.
  3. The dealer does not qualify.  The player wins their ante bet and the second bet is a put.

Here is an amazing side aspect of the third possible outcome.  Even if the dealer’s hand is “better” than the player’s hand, the player wins when the dealer doesn’t qualify!

PlayCroco Offers Over 300 Slots

Aussies call slots pokies.  Whatever the local language calls them they are the go-to game for most Australian gamers.  At PlayCroco, pokies are so popular that the casino has them categorized!

  1. Popular pokies
  2. Trending Now
  3. Progressive
  4. Jackpot Games
  5. Classic
  6. New games
  7. Most popular
  8. Hot Games
  9. Epic Games
  10. Egyptian Pokies
  11. Croco Picks

You get the idea!  There are so many pokies on offer at PlayCroco that the casino makes it infinitely easier for gamers to find the kind of pokie they want to play.  And PlayCroco is fine with gamers calling them slots!

PlayCroco Should Add Gaming Guides

Some online casinos have guides to help players win more at all of the games they have on offer.  Some casinos have large libraries with helpful information and advice on all things gaming.

We feel that PlayCroco would be well served to add these sections to their landing page.

In the meantime, that is why Slots Play Casinos is here!  We have guides for most online casino games and a huge library of great articles, such as this one, that do exactly what we hope our “Croco Casino” will do in the future: help gamers get the most out of gaming.

So, read our articles and guides!  They are as good a library of articles about online casino gaming as you will find anywhere in cyberspace!


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