About Laurie Renfield

Laurie Renfield has been part of the casino scene for both print and visual media outlets for over two decades. Renfield's research focuses on both land-based casino entertainment and online casino gambling. She is dedicated to making sure that, regardless of where a player decides to compete, they'll achieve the best gambling experience and the most satisfying rewards.

Renfield's mantra for articles to share with our readers is to pick the most relevant and critical subjects for readers to get when planning their casino activities. Renfield is best-known for investigations that focus on the legalities of gaming in various countries as well as issues regarding secure gaming practices at both online and on-site casinos.

Articles by Laurie:

How to Become a VIP?

Becoming a VIP is great for the relatively few gamers who qualify for that elevated designation. Here Slots Play Casinos will look at three VIP programs from the list of …

Best Payout Games

Many gamers would like to know what the best payout games are. Are they all online casino games; are some exclusively land-based casino games; or is game payout a …

THE Top Five Aussie Casinos

Slots Play Casinos has been reviewing and reporting to you, our honored readers, about all aspects of gaming at online casinos for some years. From time to time, we …
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