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Play Caribbean Poker with PlayCroco No Deposit Bonus Codes Cash

When you access the Playcroco no deposit bonus codes, you’ll get a modest amount of money to survey the casino with no obligation or out-of-pocket cost. Most gamers play a number of slots. In thIs article, we will show you that their three Caribbean Poker games are well worth your attention!

What is Caribbean Poker?

These three games were developed at Caribbean land-based casinos in the latter part of the twentieth century. That makes them babes as far as most casino games go. Roulette and blackjack have been around for centuries. The first slot machine came along about 130 years ago. Bingo and keno have been forever, too!

The Caribbean games have a few elements in common and each has its own rules and strategy. So, let’s look at what they all have in common:

  1. The player makes an ante bet and gets cards. In Caribbean Draw and Caribbean Stud, the player gets five cards. He or she sees them all and the dealer also gets five cards but the player sees only one of them.
  2. The player has to decide whether to call or fold. If she calls, she has to add twice her ante bet to stay in the game.
  3. The dealer has to “qualify” in order to win both the ante and the call bet.
  4. The dealer can only win both bets.
  5. The player can win the ante bet even if the dealer has a better hand if the dealer has not qualified.
  6. If the dealer doesn’t qualify, the player wins only the ante bet and the call bet is a push.
  7. The games share a progressive jackpot.
  8. The player can win part of the progressive jackpot with high hands. He wins the entire jackpot with a Royal Flush, only.
  9. The paytable is based on the player’s winning hand. It goes from 1-1 upward as the strength of the player’s winning hand goes up.

Each Variation of Caribbean Poker Has its Own Unique Strategy

Let’s look at Caribbean Stud Poker first. The ante bets start at $1 and can go up to as high as $500. That means that average players all the way to VIP high rollers can enjoy this game.

In this game, the dealer needs at least an ace-king hand to qualify. That means that if the player has king high and the dealer has ace high but the dealer doesn’t qualify, the player wins the ante bet and the call bet is a push.

Most strategists say that if you have a king high hand and the dealer’s up card is less than a king, the player should call. In fact, the Caribbean Poker games have not been fully studied by computers so there are players who almost never fold since they can have a very bad hand and still win the ante if the dealer doesn’t qualify.

The reasoning behind this strategy is that the dealer has more chances to not have a pair or an ace-king hand than to have a winning hand.

The risk involved in Caribbean Stud is the same as in all of the variations: the call bet is twice the ante bet. So, if you bet $5 as the ante, the call bet would be $10 for a $15 risk on the hand. For many players this is too much risk so they bet $1 as the ante and that makes the call bet a much more reasonable $2.

Ante Bet Payouts

  • Royal Flush 200-1
  • Straight Flush 50-1
  • Four of a Kind 20-1
  • Full House 7-1
  • Flush 5-1
  • Straight 4-1
  • Three of a Kind 3-1
  • Two pair 2-1
  • One Pair 1-1
  • High Card 1-1

Progressive Jackpot Payouts

  • Royal Flush 100%
  • Straight Flush 10%
  • Four of a Kind $500
  • Full House $100
  • Flush $75

Progressive Jackpot is for High Rollers

As you can see, the payouts for winning a part of the progressive jackpot starts at a flush. The odds of getting a flush in stud poker are 509-1 so you will lose far more of these bets than you will win. We recommend Caribbean Poker as fun alternative to video poker or actual poker but we do not recommend making the side bet for the progressive jackpot.

Caribbean Draw Poker

In Caribbean Draw Poker, the player and the dealer can draw one or two cards if they so choose. The player has to decide whether to call or fold before he or she draws cards.

The dealer needs to have a pair of eights or better to qualify. So, the player can have nothing and the dealer might have a pair of sevens but with a pair of sevens, the dealer doesn’t qualify so the player wins the ante bet with nothing!

Since there is the option of drawing cards, there is a higher probability of getting a good hand. Therefore, the payouts for high hands in Caribbean Draw are a bit lower than in Caribbean Stud.

The payouts for the progressive jackpot are the same.

Since players have the option to draw, some of the strategy will be similar to the best strategy in video poker. Briefly, you should never fold a hand in Caribbean Draw since the dealer will qualify only about 52% of the time. Often the dealer will qualify with a weak pair.

As much as the decision to call or fold is easy, the draw decisions can be complex. Go for a Royal Flush even if it means that you break up a pair. Similarly, go for a straight flush even if it means breaking up a pair. Just as in video poker, you still have the chance to pair a high card, you could get a simple flush, or you could get a simple straight.

Some gamers get stuck when they don’t have a pair. The basic rule is simple: if you have four to a flush or straight draw one card. Otherwise, hold on to your three highest cards.

Caribbean Hold’em

Texas Hold’em has become the most popular regular poker variation but in the Caribbean games it is closely rivalled by Stud and Draw. Still, many gamers like the excitement of Caribbean Hold’em. Many players feel that it gives them some low-cost practice evaluating hands.

In Caribbean Hold’em, the dealer qualifies with a pair of fours or better. This means that the dealer will qualify much more often in Caribbean Hold’em than in Caribbean Draw. As a result, the dealer will be in place to win the hand more often. This means that the player should fold more often in Caribbean Hold’em than in the Draw or Stud variations.

The player sees his or her hole cards and the flop before they have to decide on call or fold. If you have a really poor hand after you have seen five cards, the best strategy is to fold. After all, the dealer can win with a pair of fives!

Slots Play Casinos Really Likes PlayCroco Casino

We have liked PlayCroco for a very long time. We like the interface of the site, their easy banking protocols, their excellent customer service, and the large selection of fine games.

Some online casinos carry only one or two of the Caribbean Poker games so we are happy to report that PlayCroco carries all three!

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