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Fastest Withdrawal Times!

This is a very tricky question and it is one that we at Slots Play Casinos have spoken about in the past. Naturally, every online gamer wants fast withdrawal options from their favorite online casino.

Gamers want to be able to withdraw money from their online account as quickly as they can from a land-based casino. Everyone wants to be able to withdraw cash from an online casino account as quickly as they can withdraw money from their bank when they go to the bank in person.

The Online Medium is the Message

Here is the great difference between instantaneous withdrawal times as in a land-based casino and a bank and withdrawal times from an online casino or any other online banking system: the nature of an online account anywhere REQUIRES slower withdrawal times!

As the great philosopher Marshall McLuhan said, “the medium is the message” and in the realm of online casino withdrawal times the key term is “online”. Our position here at Slots Play Casinos is that if any online casino tells gamers that they offer immediate withdrawal times, they are not practicing good husbandry of their players’ money!

Why Do Online Casinos Take Time to Effect a Cash Withdrawal?

The simple and correct reason is that the casino does not know that you are you when you ask for your money. So, online casinos require some further proof of your identity to put the withdrawal through.

In addition to this very sound practice on the part of online casinos, the many different banking options have their own requirements for money transfers. It is much safer and quicker to deposit money in an online casino account. Clearly, no one who is hacking an online gamer’s account would put money in!  They would want to take money out.

So, deposits go very quickly and withdrawals take a lot longer.

There are Many Online Casinos with Fast Withdrawal Times

After having said that online casinos cannot responsibly make immediate withdrawals, we can say that some casinos are faster than others!

The reason has to do with the same reason that some ewallets transfer money fast and some transfer money slowly; why the same is true of banks; and how gamers can use the ease, safety, and speed of withdrawals as one of the reasons for gaming at any specific online casino.

What is the Best Reason to Choose Any Specific Online Casino?

Here, we have to rely on each individual gamer’s preferences. Some like the games from a specific game provider. Some like to play in the currency of their home country. Some like the ancillary services such as a blog or articles section that give useful information often with a giant dollop of sense of humor.

Still, safety and security should be the primary reasons any gamer would choose any given online casino. The variety of games is also important; the overall online casino experience is important; the casino’s attention to each individual gamer’s situation is important; but the safety and security of your money is more important BY FAR than all of these other considerations and many more!

Land-based Casinos Do Offer Fast Withdrawal

We are primarily an advocate and watchdog of online casino gaming so we rarely push land-based casino gaming. Still, in this discussion, we feel that we have to mention that players do get their money faster at land-based casinos than at online casinos.

This one aspect of playing at a land-based casino should not influence most players’ gaming decisions. If a player can’t afford to wait a few days to get money from a casino, he or she probably shouldn’t be playing casino games at all whether at an online casino or at a land-based casino.

If a player deposits more than they should at an online casino, they need to re-evaluate their gaming budget. The point here is that travelling to a land-based casino makes most players increase their budget to cover a long weekend’s worth of casino gaming. This might be a mistake for some, even many, gamers.

What are the Most Popular Withdrawal Options at Online Casinos?

Here are the most popular banking options. Some online casinos offer both deposits and withdrawals in these options while some offer more deposit options.

  1. Credit and debit cards
  2. Bank transfers
  3. Ewallets
  4. Bitcoin and other alternative currencies

Each of these banking options has their advocates. Some online casinos such as Uptown Pokies Casino and SlotoCash Casino don’t offer withdrawals to a credit or debit card. But in lieu of this option, these casinos specialize in quick withdrawals to an ewallet or make withdrawals to bitcoin.

How Much Do Online Casinos Allow Gamers to Withdraw?

Another difference between casinos is the maximum withdrawal amount. For instance, Black Diamond Casino allows up to $1000 in withdrawals per week while Red Stag Casino allows up to $2000 per week, PlayCroco Casino allows $7500, and Grande Vegas Casino allows fully $10,000 per week.

The casinos that allow withdrawals of relatively low weekly amounts are actually saying that they want gamers to play for small amounts of money. A VIP should choose a casino with a higher withdrawal limit since by making bigger bets, a VIP is likely to have a larger amount of money ready for withdrawal.

Instant Play is a Great Boon to Online Casino Gamers

There are many differences among online casinos and withdrawal protocols and rules account for just a small degree of these differences. The fact that online casinos now offer Instant Play means that gamers can try out a casino and continue there if the overall gaming experience is to their liking or they can go on to another casino if it isn’t.

There are so many factors that go into the overall gaming experience! Here at Slots Play Casinos, we try to cover all of the vast online casino gaming ground in our blog, game reviews, casino reviews, and news reports. At the present time, we are busy writing many new articles for gamers’ benefit so please make Slots Play Casinos your go-to source for excellent information about casino gaming, mainly the online version!

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