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How to Play Craps Online for Money

Craps is one of the few casino games that most people enjoy more in a land-based casino than in an online casino. There is a lot of whooping and hollering at a live craps table! Even the best online craps lacks all of that whooping and hollering!  Nevertheless, a lot of gamers play craps online for money as an adjunct to the other games they play at an online casino.

Why Do More Gamers Play at Online Casinos?

Stated simply, online casinos offer the widest range of casino gaming options. Gamers can save a boatload of money NOT travelling to a brick-and-mortar casino. Gamers are in much better control of their gaming when they can schedule a short gaming session to unwind before getting ready for the rest of the evening.

Since most gamers now prefer online gaming and, since online casinos offer craps, it stands to reason that gamers will slowly but surely discover the pleasures of playing craps online.

Is There a Best Online Casino for Craps?

From our experience, it is the graphics and animation that make online craps fun.  All of our recommended casinos use the games of top game providers but we cannot point to one specific casino and say that it is the best online casino for craps.

So whether you’re looking for US casino bet tips, or AU casino bet tips, or Eurocasino bet tips for that matter, let’s get on with it and talk about how to actually play Craps at all of our partner online casinos.

How to Play Craps for Beginners

One of the reasons online gamers enjoy craps is because of the many different bets they can make in craps. Playing craps for some gamers is a balancing act between bets. To teach new craps players how to play craps, we need to go over the rules of the game.

Basic Craps Rules

When a gamer takes his or her first look at a craps table, the layout looks SOOOO confusing! But if we take the bets as simply as possible, you will see that craps has two goals: to guess correctly what the two dice will roll and to see the game as one primary bet that can be complemented by numerous side craps bets.

If you don’t take any of the side bets, it all comes down to the main action represented by the pass bet!

We Have to Set a Point

The first roll of the dice is called the Come out Roll. A player can bet Pass Line or Don’t Pass Line. The Pass Line Bet means that if the roller rolls a 7 or an 11, the Pass Line Bet wins. If she rolls a 2,3, or 12 the Pass Line bet loses.

Any other number, to wit, a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10 becomes The Point and the game goes on!

Play Craps Online and Let the Random Number Generator Go to Work

Playing craps online is a good diversion from slots or any other online game. The look of the craps table makes the game exciting and interesting! All games at online casinos are decided by the Random Number Generator.

So, curl up to play online craps and let the RNG do its thing!

Practice Craps Online: Where Beginners Should Play Craps

Most online casinos, and all of the casinos Slots Play Casinos recommends, offer unlimited free play Land-based casinos do not offer free play. So, the best place to practice craps is at one of SPC”s recommended casinos.

Here are a Few Craps Betting Tips

  1. The Pass bet is slightly better than the Don’t Pass bet and they both pay 1-1. That means that they are the safest bets in craps.
  2. The Odds bet is also a good bet.
  3. Play in free-play mode to get fully acquainted with craps.
  4. The 7 is the most common roll with two dice. The 6 and 8 are slightly behind.
  5. Keep in mind that craps is a game of chance.
  6. The Random Number Generator has no memory of its own so it cannot be gamed.

Online Craps: The Bottom Line

Craps at an online casino is an adjunct to the top games at that casino! Very few gamers play craps as their primary game online.

Having said that, there is also a large group of gamers who have not yet played online craps. We think that craps is a wonderful game to play in short spurts between and betwixt the gamers’ favorite online games.

Craps is a popular dice game. It is the only dice game available at an online casino and that is part of its appeal. In short, people love to play dice games!

What are Gamers’ Favorite Online Casino Games?

The top three are slots, blackjack, and video poker. Naturally, one gamer’s favorite game is not another gamer’s favorite casino game!

Blackjack and video poker are games of skill and slots are games of chance.

Why are Slots so Popular?

The main reasons are that slots offer big jackpots, have interesting themes, the graphics and animation make them very entertaining, and the wild symbols keep getting wilder and more generous!

The biggest jackpots are the progressive jackpots and many regular slots have internal random jackpots. Some slots have three or four random jackpots!

Why is Video Poker so Popular?

Gamers like to be able to outwit the game by making counter-intuitive decisions. The best part of video poker is that the game has been analyzed in depth and we know all or most of the correct decisions.

Gamers like to play multi-hand video poker. Given that the return to player rate in video poker is 99.5%, gamers who can play multi-hand video poker, can get lucky and win a lot of money on a single hand!

Why is Blackjack so Popular?

Blackjack is the grandest of casino games! It has a long pedigree and has been a player favorite for a couple of hundred years! It pre-dates slots and video poker by generations.

Thus, blackjack has some nostalgic appeal!

The game is also a game of skill and sharp players will finish a session very close to the break-even point. An hour of blackjack, then, is pure entertainment!

Craps is Also Pure Entertainment!

Playing online craps is an underrated form of online casino gaming. Whether you play for real money or in free play mode, craps has the ability to entertain and make gamers smile!

Online casino craps doesn’t make the noise craps at land-based casinos make so online craps is still seen as an adjunct to the more popular games.

Slots Play Casinos is an Adjunct to Online Casinos, Themselves!

SPC, as we are called, follows the online casino market. We have reviewed nay casinos and are always looking for other online casinos to review and possibly to recommend. We have tutorials for many real money games.

SPC also has many exclusive promotions through the casinos we recommend.


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