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There Are So Many Slots. How Can a Gamer Find the Best Online Slots?

This is actually a very good question.  Here at Slots Play Casinos, we do not try to find the best online slots for all gamers.  Slots, like so many other things at a casino or in life in general, are not a one-size-fits-all game.

Online and land-based casinos provide gamers with a wide variety of slots.  Modern game providers, the people who create slots, of which there are many, are renowned as slots developers.  They send casinos a new slot every month and sometimes twice in a single month.

What Are the Elements That Make Slots Great?

Different gamers have different likes when it comes to slots.  Some like slots based on older cultures while others prefer slots that are more modern or even futuristic.  Some gamers like slots with somewhat dark themes while many, and a growing number of gamers, like slots with bright colors!

There are a few points about slots that we would like to point out here.

Online Casinos Offer a Wider Range of Slots

There are two main reasons why this is so.  First, online casinos allow gamers to move from game to game without giving up their “seat”.  In fact, in cyberspace, where online casinos abide, there are no “seats”, “walls”, or any other encumbrances to simple gaming!

At a land-based casino, there might be ten terminals of a popular slot which means that the eleventh player who wants to play that slot has to wait.  At an online casino, no gamer has to wait to play any game, slot or otherwise, no matter how many gamers are playing that game at the same time!

The second reason why online casinos offer a wider range of slots is simply that online casinos do not have any walls.  Land-based casinos most definitely have walls!  The walls create floor space which has to be used to 100% capacity in order for the casino to generate enough revenue to pay their huge operating costs.

So, at an online casino, when a game provider sends a new slot, the casino simply adds it to its library of slots.  Land-based casinos have to take out terminals to make way for the new terminals.  Thus, online casinos can continue to carry slots that are a lot less popular than others.  It takes up no space at the casino to retain slots that only a handful of gamers like to play on a regular basis.

Online Casinos Also Offer a Wider Range of Games in General

Online casinos have many variations of blackjack and of video poker.  They can also provide European Roulette to go with American Roulette.  The house edge in European Roulette is half the house edge in American Roulette because European Roulette has only a 0 not also the 00 of American Roulette.

Gamers Should Be Careful When Playing for a Progressive Jackpot

Someone, somewhere in the world, gets very rich very quickly by playing for and winning a progressive jackpot.  For the average gamer, the chances of winning a progressive jackpot are quite small.

In addition, gamers have to bet the maximum in order to qualify for the big jackpot.  A lot depends on how much a gamer can earmark for progressive jackpot slots.  In many cases, a gamer should budget for, perhaps, ten spins on a progressive jackpot slot and then go on to another game.

Volatility is Another Important Factor in Slots

Volatility is the term people use to describe how many gamers will share in the winnings in a particular slot.  High volatility means relatively few gamers will share in the winnings and every win will be relatively high.  Low volatility is the opposite: relatively many winners each winning relatively small amounts per win.

Two slots might have the same return-to-player rate of 96-97%.  The slot with high volatility will have fewer winners than the slot with low volatility.  So, it behooves any gamer who wants to maximize his or her chance to share in the 96-97% return to player rate to play slots with low volatility.

Symbols and Characters in Slots

One of the great attractions of modern video slots is that the game providers feel the need to develop exciting characters for every new slot they develop.  The entertainment value of any slot is a function of the winnability of the slot plus the graphics, animation, and music connected to that slot.

The first slots reigned supreme for decades.  Now, these relics of the slot past are true relics.  Students of slotology study all aspects of modern slots and leave the classical slots to nostalgic players.

Graphics Started the Trend to Modern Slots

The original slots didn’t need expert graphic designers.  The cherries, bars, and lemons were the same in every slot.  Today, game providers have to have several expert graphic designers to produce slots and other casino games that will draw the attention of gamers from all walks of life and from every country.

Graphics began to come into their own through improvements in computer graphics.  All slots at online casinos are driven by computer graphics.  This type of graphic has also taken over the slots at land-based casinos.

Excellent Animation Followed the Improvements in Graphics

Toady, all new slots use animation to help tell their story and to keep gamers enthralled.  The best use of animation is in the way wild symbols act.  Here are just a few of the ways wild symbols act in modern slots:

  1. Stacked wilds.
  2. Sticky wilds.
  3. Expanding wilds.
  4. Travelling wilds.
  5. Cascading wilds.
  6. Exploding wilds.

It is easy to see that none of these wild ways were possible before computer animation reached the level of excellence that allowed game providers to incorporate said animation with wild symbols.

The Rise and fall of Numbers in Slots

One of the things we here at Slots Play Casinos hope to see in the near future is the demise of numbers in slots.  For every 9 in a slot, we hope to see a symbol or character.  The same feeling applies to the tens, jacks, queens, kings, and aces!

Return to Player Rate at Online Casinos

The return-to-player rate at online casinos is slowly creeping higher while the return-to-player rate at land-based casinos is slowly creeping downward.  The Random Number Generator controls all outcomes in video slots and the RNG can be calibrated to return a given percent to gamers.  Online slots usually have a 96-97% return to player rate while at land-based casinos the RTP rate is much lower.  Land-based casinos need higher revenue to pay their greater operating costs.

Slots Play Casinos Reviews Many Online Casinos for Your Benefit

We have about 30 online casinos already reviewed with more to come.  One of the things we emphasize in any casino review is the casino’s commitment to bringing in new games at least once a month.

There is a lot more to SPC than casino reviews.  We have linked to a discussion about slots in a section of our website called Casino Guides.  These guides demonstrate our commitment to you, our loyal gamer-readers to deliver the best information in the best possible form and format so you can play slots or any other online casino game for fun and entertainment!


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