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What is a Free Chip Promotion?

At an online casino, a Free Chip bonus is essentially a no deposit bonus. Some players like to call a deposit bonus a Free Chip bonus as well since the casino awards them “free money” for their deposit.

Online casinos use the term “free chip” since many gamers are familiar with the term from their time spent at a land-based casino. At a land-based casino, players may receive a real chip as part of the Free Chip promotion. If a player gets a free chip from a land-based casino, they can use it only at a table games of which there are a few such as roulette, craps, blackjack, baccarat, and others.

Slots Play Casinos Offers Many Free Chips Promotions

We offer these promotions through the casinos that we have reviewed and recommended. Please click on the link we highlighted above. It will take you to the Free Chips page here at Slots Play Casinos.

The page has a long and helpful explanation of what a Free Chip bonus is, a bit on this type of promotion’s history, and how to get a Free Chips bonus. So, we won’t rehash all of those details. We do ask you to look at the second section titled Best Free Chips Bonuses-July 2022 (or whichever month you read this in).

First, the promotions may change during the month or the casinos involved may roll over one or more Free Chips promotions for the upcoming month.

Next, please look at the top of the section. We have two drop-down menus there. The one on the left gives gamers access to many different types of bonuses. The drop-down menu on the right has all of the promotions the casinos we have recommended are offering through Slots Play Casinos.

In general, this is a great place to look for great bonus offers. A lot of these bonuses are exclusive to Slots Play Casinos and, as you look through them, you will find massive bonus rates and huge offers of free spins in addition to Free Chips and other bonuses.

Slots Play Casinos Recommends Many Online Casinos

We recently reviewed and added Ripper Casino to our long list of excellent online casinos. There is one aspect of online casino gaming that relates directly to the Free Chip bonuses and all of the other bonuses offered through these casinos and Slots Play Casinos. That aspect of online casino gaming is called Instant Play. This allows gamers to play directly on their internet server and precludes the need to download any single casino to their computer’s hard drive.

Downloading an online casino takes up a lot of space on a computer’s hard drive so Instant Play is a great way to play at many different casinos! With the flexibility offered by Instant Play and the many bonuses offered by Slots Play Casinos’ group of recommended casinos, gamers can access many top bonuses and play at many casinos with their bonus money!

Benefits of Playing at a Number of Casinos

There are several benefits to playing at a number of online casinos through Instant Play. The first, of course, is access to many different bonuses as we just explained. Another benefit of playing at several casinos is that there are many game providers. Instant Play gives you access to the games of several providers.

A third benefit is that each online casino has a different “look” and “feel”. It is interesting to go to a casino and see their sense of humor, their use of color to attract gamers, and their written content. Some gamers play the slots at one casino, video poker at another, and blackjack at yet another. It’s all a matter of the graphics and animation available at the various casinos.

Graphics and Animation Add Visual Excitement to Online Casino Games

There was a time, especially before the corona virus crisis, when a lot of gamers preferred playing at land-based casinos. This was because brick-and-mortar casinos have an undeniable excitement factor. You walk into a casino and there are lights, bells and whistles, and a lot of people.

As a casino gaming watchdog, we can recommend online casinos but we also recognize the excitement factor in playing at land-based casinos. A lot of players like the “live” aspect of playing on land. This is especially true in roulette, craps, and blackjack. Slots and video poker long ago went the digital route.

Graphics and animation have improved so much that now there is a lot less that separates the live entertainment of some table games with the animated varieties we offer. The many improvements we have seen in graphics and animation are felt even more strongly in slots. This is another reason we prefer to recommend online casinos. And now we have come full circle in our discussion today.

Instant Play offers gamers the chance to sample the games of all the casinos we have reviewed and recommended. By going to several casinos over a series of gaming sessions, gamers can access the many different bonuses these casinos offer through Slots Play Casinos.

In addition, gamers get to experience the different ways that online casinos approach their players with color, humor, and hundreds of great games.

The online gaming experience is better than the land-based casino experience in all ways except for the excitement factor. Instant Play and the many bonuses gamers can receive from numerous online casinos create an excitement of its own which land-based casinos cannot duplicate!

Slots Play Casinos Reports on Casino Gaming

Here at Slots Play, we feel strongly that online casinos are better equipped to turn casino play into gaming while land-based casinos tend to push gambling.

Land-based casinos have many tricks through which they maintain a gambling atmosphere. They have no windows and no clocks so players lose track of time. They offer free alcohol which reduces inhibitions and causes players to make foolhardy bets. They offer free buffet meals which cause players to get tired as they digest the big meal and thus make poor decisions.

Land-based casinos have to get the most gambling out of players in the short time they are at the casino while online casinos urge gamers to play for short, frequent sessions. At online casinos, the fun is natural while at land-based casinos the fun is all artificial.

To get more insights into the world of online casino gaming, COME TO SLOTS PLAY CASINOS OFTEN.

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