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Getting to Know Grande Vegas Casino a Little Better

We have extolled the virtues of Grande Vegas Casino for many years. Grande Vegas Casino continues to delight both veteran and new gamers. After the corona virus forced land based casinos to close temporarily, many gamers looked for an online casino that would meet their gaming needs which include;

  1. Great games.
  2. Promotions.
  3. Excellent customer service.
  4. Easy banking.
  5. Safety and security.
  6. A subtle yet palpable excellence.

While we can’t say that only Grande Vegas Casino meets these gamers’ needs, it certainly has done so since coming online and especially as they welcomed thousands of new gamers during the corona crisis.

Re-opening Land Based Casinos Present a Unique Challenge

Now that some land based casinos are slowly reopening—and despite many difficult measures that have reduced the number of games land based casinos can offer—we suspect that a large number of these gamers who first came to Grande Vegas Casino because their favorite land based casino had closed temporarily will now stay at Grande Vegas Casino and do the vast bulk of their casino gaming online!

What Does Grande Vegas Casino Offer?

You can read our review of the casino here. We won’t repeat what we have already said. Instead, we would like to look a bit deeper into Grande Vegas Casino and tell you about some things you may not know about the casino.

Instant Play

This is the next generation way to play online casino games directly through your internet server without the need to download the casino to your hard drive. There are a few advantages to playing on the Grande Vegas Casino Instant Play platform. First, the technological side of the platform is state of the art. In the past, a gamer had to download the casino to their hard drive in order to get the best graphics and game play  That is no longer the case!

Today’s technology for Instant Play is so good that many gamers choose to play at the Instant Play platform rather than clog up their hard drive with a casino.

The second reason Instant Play is such a boon to gamers is that they can spare hard drive space for other things they want to download. As online casinos get bigger—and every reputable online casino gets bigger all the time since they have unlimited space in cyberspace so, unlike land based casinos, they don’t have to take a game out to make room for a new game—downloading the casino to one’s hard drive is increasingly cumbersome.

Instant Play solves this problem.

My Present Computer is Good Enough, Thank You

Instant Play also means that computer owners—in developed countries, that means… everybody!—can save money by not needing to upgrade their computer! This frees quite a bit of money for other purposes. And when the coronavirus pandemic is finally behind us, we expect gamers and everyone else to have a long list of things they want to do and have had to delay or postpone because of lockdowns and such.

A lot of people have a bucket list. Who would have thought that the bucket list would include mundane activities that are out of reach for the time being?

Easy Access to Many Online Casinos

Instant Play also gives gamers unbelievable flexibility. Instead of having one downloaded casino to play at, gamers can access as many online casinos as they want. That gives them access to casino games from a number of game providers. It gives a change of pace when you want to play poker or make a sports bet.

Unlimited Free Play

The reason Grande Vegas Casino and the top online casinos can offer unlimited free play is because their operating costs are a lot lower than the operating costs at any land-based casino.

This is the same reason that the return to player rate is quite a bit higher at a good online casino.

Grande Vegas Casino can afford to offer unlimited free play because the casino can handle thousands of gamers at the same time. Land-based casinos cannot handle thousands of players at the same time! Every seat at a land-based casino is valuable; too valuable to have it occupied by a player playing for free!

Valuable and Informative Articles

At the bottom of the home page, there is a link to the articles section. This section has over 500 articles dating back several years. Every week the casino publishes one or two new articles. These articles give gamers a lot of useful information about gaming developments both in online gaming and in land-based gaming.

In 2020, as the coronavirus forced everyone to make lifestyle changes aplenty, the articles in Grand Vegas Casino’s articles section spoke about ways to deal with the virus.

In addition to providing important news, some articles talk about the more subtle side of gaming. One article, titled “Brain Development through Gaming” is a somewhat highbrow look at the brain’s use of gaming, including online casino gaming, to develop what are called “sustained attention” and “selective attention”. In short, playing games helps people focus on things that are not in and of themselves games.

Playing games also helps people find the element of a game in many situation that they would not otherwise have seen as being related to games in any way.

We take ourselves very seriously these days. The reaction to the coronavirus is a perfect case in point. Many people have been holed up at home for months. Some people fly into a rage if they see someone not wearing a mask. We need games to loosen up the excess emotion.

Games that You Might Try Out

If we were to make a short list of the games players look for in a casino, be it an online casino or a land-based casino, the list would include:

  1. Slots
  2. Blackjack
  3. Roulette
  4. Craps
  5. Video poker

If those were the only games on offer at Grande Vegas Casino, we might never have reviewed the casino or given it two thumbs up. Here is a longer list of games that Grande Vegas casino offers that you may have overlooked that are well worth your time:

  1. Caribbean Poker. Grande Vegas offers all three Caribbean poker variations.
  2. Baccarat.
  3. Let ‘em Ride
  4. Three Card Rummy
  5. Tri Card Poker
  6. Pai Gow Poker
  7. Pontoon
  8. Treasure Tree
  9. Fish Catch
  10. Banana Jones

The latter three are what the casino calls Specialty Games and they are special indeed. Treasure Tree is a kind of scratch card game, Fish Catch is a deep-sea fishing game that you can play with or against gamers from all over the world, and Banana Jones is simply the cuddliest game hero around!

Check Out Grande Vegas Casino

By the way, Grande Vegas is not the only online casino in our go-to list to offer these great games. So, check the games out at whichever of our Slots Play Casino approved online casinos you choose to play at!

We repeat our wholehearted recommendation of Grande Vegas Casino!

And, in this time of coronavirus, we wish everyone continued good health!

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