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What is a Free Credits Online Casino?

When a gamer is looking for an online casino that will give him or her free cash or free credits, they might look for a no deposit bonus.  Some gamers, however, search for a free credits online casino”.

We here at Slots Play Casinos are happy to report that free credits and free cash are functionally the same.  We are also happy to report that all (or at least almost all) online casinos offer free credits.

Another search term we have seen is: casino registration bonus.   This is more commonly called an online casino’s Welcome Package!

Let’s look at these offers from online casinos starting with free credits.

What are Free Credits?

Here we get into some nitpicky terminology.  A deposit bonus is also free money in the sense that gamers can use all of the bonus money to play that casino’s games and can withdraw their winnings when they complete the wagering requirement for that bonus.

On the other hand, we also understand that when people look for a free credits casino, they are looking for a casino that offers a no deposit bonus.

Finally, some gamers search for free chips.  In essence, all of these offers are the same!

What is an Online Casino Welcome Package?

Every online casino offers one or more deposit bonuses as part of their Welcome Package.  Many also add on a no deposit bonus.  The Welcome Package is simply a great offer of deposit or no deposit bonus money the casino offers new gamers.

For instance, Slotocash Casino offers an attractive Welcome Package that could be just what you’re looking for. Known for its generous bonuses and a wide range of games, it’s worth checking out if you’re interested in maximizing your initial deposits.

How Can Online Casinos Offer Free Money?

Online casinos are able to offer free cash bonuses because their gamers can play every day if they wish to do so.  Many online casino gamers play for a short period of time as a calming, unwinding, and relaxing experience after another hectic day!

At a land-based casino, on the other hand, players have the incentive to play on and on even past the point of irrationality given the cost and exhaustion level they have reached because that is the nature of traveling to a casino rather than opening the casino up while comfortably ensconced on one’s sofa!

Online Gamers Play Less and Play More than Land-based Casino Players

A little arithmetic will show you what we mean.  We said that online gamers tend to play in short sessions while land-based casino players play well past the point of no return.

If an online casino gamer plays on average 30 minutes 300 times a year, that would equal an aggregate of 9000 hours.  Now, divide that by 24 and we see that in such short sessions, an online gamer will play the equivalent of 375 days in a year!

This is why deposit and no deposit bonuses are practical at online casinos and not at land-based casinos.

So, we need now to explain the wagering requirement for casino bonuses.

What is a Wagering Requirement for Online Casino Bonuses?

It may be hard to believe but in the very early days of online casinos−almost, but not quite, yet 30 years ago−online casinos offered big bonuses without a wagering requirement and some gamers took the bonus and cashed out immediately!

The cads!

A wagering requirement is a sum of money that is often about 30 times the bonus that a gamer has to wager before he or she can withdraw winnings earned through the use of the bonus.

The Key to the Success of Online Casino Bonuses

Now here is the key to the advantage of online casino bonuses and the virtual lack thereof at land-based casinos.  Online casino gamers can complete the wagering requirement at their own pace unlike what would obtain if a land-based casino were to offer free money and the player had only a few hours or a couple of days to complete the wagering requirement.

Online casino gamers, playing in short sessions, play as much in a year as land-based casino players play in decades!

Playing Online in Short Sessions has Many Benefits

Short sessions are a lot more than the “sum of their parts”.  We spoke above about the calming effect of short sessions of gaming at online casinos.  There is actually very little that is calming about gambling at a land-based casino!  All of the gambling fallacies and poor behaviors are much more common at land-based casinos.

Gamblers stay on the casino floor “just until I break even”.  It is the rare gambler who leaves the casino floor after a run of good luck that leaves them even!

Online Gaming is Entertaining

When a gamer sits down to play for 30 minutes to unwind, they know that they will play for 30 minutes, have fun doing so, and will then get on with the rest of their evening.

The rest of the evening may involve making or listening to music, a trip to a pub with pals, streaming a movie or two, or any of the hundreds of hobbies people love doing!

Free credits, bonuses, free spins and all other promotions online casinos offer add to the entertainment side of online casino gaming.

Welcome to Online Casino Gaming

Let’s pull everything we have discussed into a single concept.  Online casinos can offer large bonuses because gamers at online casinos can complete the wagering requirement for receiving free credits or free bonus money at their gaming pleasure.

As a result, online casinos run many promotions that offer free credits etc.  The first such promotion new gamers are offered is an online casino’s Welcome Package.  These packages usually involve a few thousand dollars in bonuses and therefore are offered as a series of deposit bonuses.

Gamers can accept all or part of the Welcome Package and then are eligible for all of the other promotions the casino is running.

The entertainment side of gaming online is all in the gaming itself while at land-based casinos, the entertainment side is in the erupting volcanoes and all of the billion-dollar accouterments that are at the forefront of many, if not most, land-based casinos.

At land-based casinos, the actual gaming often devolves into gambling as players wager more money than they should in order to “get their money’s worth” of the cost of spending a long weekend at the casino.

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