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Gaming Tips You Might not have Thought Of

Here at Slots Play Casinos, we primarily encourage gamers to play at online casinos such as Ripper Casino, one of the more recent additions to our reviewed casinos list. At Ripper Casino, you can enjoy many bonuses. Simply be sure to enter the correct Ripper Casino bonus codes whenever you take a bonus there.

Land-based Casinos Have Something to Offer Too

Although we prefer the online casino scene, we readily acknowledge that land-based casinos have something to offer. What they have to offer is mainly the electric excitement of the casino. Still, in order to enjoy the excitement of an online or a land-based casino to the fullest measure, there are some things to be sure to do and some things to be sure not to do!

Tips for Both Online and Land-based Casino Gaming

Let’s take a look at some unsung tips and actions you can take at either an online casino such as Ripper Casino or at a land-based casino.

Baccarat: Always Bet on the House

There are three bets you can make in baccarat: on the player, the house, or a tie. The house advantage for a tie bet is very big so avoid that bet at all times. The bet on the player—who is usually you—wins slightly less often than a bet on the house.

Baccarat is an odd game in that you, as the player, can bet “against yourself” and with the house! Statistically, betting against yourself is the better of the two bets we suggest you consider making!

Avoid Taking Insurance in Blackjack Unless…

There is a small but measurable statistical advantage to not accepting insurance when the dealer is showing an ace. However, if you are counting cards and the deck is very rich in ten-point cards, it might make sense to take insurance.

As a rule, insurance is widely recognized as a poor bet but here is another way that card counting can work to a player’s advantage.

This piece of advice does not work at online casinos where the cards are “shuffled” after every hand and there is only your hand at the table. At a land-based casino, in order to make taking insurance worth the risk, you have to sit at a table with several other players, the game has to be a one deck or two deck game, and you have to be excellent at counting cards.

If all of those parameters are met, you might take insurance with a rich deck in 10-point cards. Otherwise, never take insurance!

Learn to Count Cards

As in so many other areas, card counting can come totally naturally or it can take a lot of practice to master! If you play casino games only online, you don’t need to learn to count cards. If you never play blackjack at a land-based casino, you don’t need to learn to count cards. But if you do play blackjack in one and two deck games at land-based casinos, you really do have to take the time to become proficient at card counting!

Being proficient means counting cards on all hands without giving the activity a second thought. It may take time; however, there are many activities that we do every day or at least often that fit into the same mold as counting cards.

  1. When we are learning to drive, we think about every action we take but at a certain point, new drivers become proficient enough to do a lot of things by rote and without thinking about them.
  2. Musicians almost all say that playing an instrument or singing at a high level may have come naturally but they didn’t come easily. Musicians practice their scales every day.  They exercise their fingers or their lips and mouth every day.
  3. Chefs and bakers learn how to bake something from a tried and true recipe. At some point, a chef “knows” the recipe by heart. There are also many actions bakers and chefs make that go a lot better after a lot of practice than at the beginning.  Just ask anyone expert in American Southern cooking how long it takes to make the roux for gumbo!
  4. Typists seem to have fingers that move independently of their bodies.
  5. The simple act of reading takes some time to learn to de well. Since we learn to read in first grade or in kindergarten, it is so far back in the past that most people don’t remember how long it took to get good at it.

Clearly, there are many more examples. The bottom line is that card counting may take some practice but, if are set on playing blackjack at a land-based casino, card counting is a must!

Choose Your Seat Wisely in Blackjack

Once again, this tip refers to blackjack at a land-based casino. If you sit at the end of the deal for a hand, you will get to count the cards for all the hands in front of you.

Now, if you are at the start of the deal of the hands, you will also get to count the cards but you will be able to use that information only on the next hand! There is the possibility that you will lose a chance to double down or split in an odd situation if you have not seen the hands unfold in front of you!

Make Budgeting an Absolute

It is much, much easier to stick to both time and monetary budgets when you play online. If you go to a land-based casino for a long weekend, your resolve to stick to a budget will be seriously tested.

There are ways to teach yourself better self-control of both time and money. Here are a few:

  1. Go to the supermarket with a shopping list and never buy anything that isn’t on the list.
  2. Do the same when you go shopping for clothes.
  3. Treat gaming and many other activities as if they were a recipe. Just as you time a recipe on your smartphone, you need to time your gaming, your television watching, your healthy walking, and pretty much everything you do.
  4. In direct contrast with the above tip, teach yourself to wake up without an alarm clock. Your inner alarm clock will work wonders toward keeping time budgets at both online and land-based casinos.
  5. Learn to say no, thank you. This is a must at land-based casinos which offer free whisky in the hope that a little too much alcohol will cause you to play longer and with less self-control than you would have without the alcohol.

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