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Get the Most Gaming Fun from Online Casino Promotions

Online casinos offer a lot of great games from many different game developers. Here at Slots Play Casinos, we have reviewed 28 top online casinos and have worked out deals with them to offer promotions in deposit bonuses and free spins.

Why Do Online Casinos Offer Big Bonuses?

As more and more gamers discover the manifest advantages of gaming online, competition among online casinos has grown and will continue to grow! Online casino promotions are a necessary aspect of running any online casino these days!

Online casinos can also afford to offer casino bonuses, free casino games, free spins and anything else the casino can think of to attract new gamers and to retain established gamers. Online casinos have much lower operating costs.

When you compare the generous welcome bonus an online casino can offer with the non-existent offer from a land-based casino, you can see just how high the operating costs are for land-based casinos. A gamer may wonder if, given the high cost of staying in business precludes offering bonuses, do land-based casinos find other ways to get more money from players than online casinos do?

There are Several Types of Online Casino Bonuses

The first online casino bonus gamers can access is the casino’s Welcome Bonus. In the Welcome Bonuses we can see, first, how competition has grown the bonus and, second, how, as the bonus has grown to mid-level four figures. So, the single Welcome Bonus has become a set of casino bonuses now generally referred to as the Welcome Package!

Land-based casinos are left far behind online casinos as Welcome Packages grow and grow! These days, online casino bonuses worth over $5000 is not rare!

A Casino Bonus is Like Free Money, with a Catch

The catch is called the wagering requirement. This was placed upon online bonuses in the early days, which were less than 30 years ago, when some players took a deposit bonus and immediately cashed out!

Wagering requirements are a factor of the bonus. A 30x wagering requirement is considered quite fair.

Aside from the wagering requirement, online casino bonus money is free money!

How Does an Online Casino Keep Track of All of the Bonuses?

Online casinos have enormous computer banks that keep track of all of this data. Every gamer has a user name and password that provide one level of security and proper identification of gamers.

Each bonus also has its own bonus code. The purpose of the bonus codes is to connect the correct bonus to the correct casino account. Most online casino promotions have a bonus code for this purpose.

Bonus Codes Protect Both Gamers and Casinos

Online casino bonus codes refer to every deposit bonus and every free spins bonus. There are some rules that apply to free spins promotions but the casino still has to keep perfect track of every free spin!

Most Online Casinos Offer Comp Points

This promotion is also available at most land-based casinos! There is a major nuance that renders the online comp points promo much better than a land-based comp points promo.

What is the Comp Points Promotion?

Comp points are points a casino registers in the gamer’s account for every game they play. This includes all spins in slots games, hands in blackjack and video poker, and spins of the roulette wheel. Slots return more comp points than does blackjack but all games contribute to the treasury of points.

What is the Nuance that Separates Online Comp Points from Land-based Comp Points?

We have spoken about that nuance already! it is that an online casino has a massive bank of computers to keep track of all gaming data including the casino’s comp points promotion.

At a land-based casino, the data is stored on a player’s card and the player has to remember to bring his or her card when they return to the casino.

We suspect that there are a lot of trips to a land-based casino in which the player forgot his player’s card! And as more and more gamers become fully aware of the advantages of gaming at an online casino, these player’s cards are likely to sit in a drawer for a very long time!

What are the Biggest Online Casino Bonuses?

The answer to this question is actually too subjective. It gets into the desires of millions of online casino gamers. For instance, a casino might offer more than 100 free spins in a specific slot. That is a very large bonus with the potential to worth a lot of bonus cash and winnings.

But if the gamer wants to play a different casino game, he or she will eschew the large free spins promotion and choose a different promotion.

Should a Gamer Always Play with a Promotional Gift in Hand?

If a gamer plays at real money online casinos, he or she will want to use as many bonuses and free spins as possible! There is no reason to play with one’s own money when you can play with the casino’s money!

Top online casino bonuses are a major part of gaming at these casinos. Some online casinos try to get away with offering fewer and smaller bonuses but the top online casinos are usually offering several bonuses, often with free spins.

Bonuses and Free Spins are Not the Only Reason to Play at an Online Casino

There are more online casino games than there are land-based casino games! For one, a land-based casino has to have several terminals of the same game, usually a slot or a video poker variation, because one terminal can accommodate only one player.

In contrast, one online slots game or one video poker game can accommodate as many gamers as want to play that specific slot at the same time.

Online casinos can offer many variations of blackjack while a land-based casino has room for far fewer blackjack tables, all of which have limited space.

Every Business Offers Promotions!

People sometimes think that promotion are exclusive to online casinos. In fact, an online casino is just one of many thousands of promotions that companies offer. We have different terms for some promotions. For example, a store will offer a sale which is a type of promotion.

Some fast food places offer a full “meal” which costs less than buying all of the meal’s components individually.

Airlines have Frequent Flyer promotions. Hotel chains and car rental companies have their version of the same concept.

Supermarkets have loss leaders especially before major holidays. The idea is to lose money on one item and make money on the rest of the shopping cart’s contents!

The fact is, it is hard to find a store or business of any size that doesn’t offer promotions to customers, clients, or suppliers.

Slots Play Casinos Also Offers Promotions!

We have worked out deals with all of our recommended casinos. Our promotions vary from deposit bonuses to free spins. Some are quite big while others are more modest.

Slots Play Casinos also has hundreds of pages of content with information valuable to online casino gamers!


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