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How Has Ripper Casino become so Popular so Fast?

Ripper Casino got started only in the last couple of months. Still, it is already a favorite among the casinos we have reviewed here at Slots Play Casinos. Gamers enjoy the many bonus promotions—a simple reminder: always use the correct Ripper Casino bonus codes—and the games offered at the casino.

Ripper Casino Carries Games from Three Providers

While most of the casinos we have reviewed and recommended carry games from SpinLogic, Ripper Casino carries games from not one but three providers: Rival, Arrow’s Edge, and Booming Games. This gives gamers the chance to play games from a multitude of games providers.

We realize that in order to produce games that gamers will want to play, the providers need to employ creative people who will be able to work as great teams. We will return to the idea of teamwork a bit later. For now, suffice it to say that the number of creative game developers featured at Ripper Casino is three times the number at most other casinos!

Instant Play and Gaming Variety

The advent of Instant Play, where a gamer plays on his or her internet server, has eliminated the need to download a complete casino to their hard drive. Instant Play means that you can play at one online casino and switch to another without taking off the first casino in the same way that people can have many different internet sites open on the toolbar at the same time!

Enjoying Games of Skill and Games of Chance

Instant Play has made it easy to move between games. so, we can go from one casino to another, from one game provider to another, and from one game to another.

This is very hard to do, if not impossible, at a land-based casino.

As a result, the gaming experience, in terms of the games that are available to players, is a lot different if the player is online or on land.

One area of casino gaming that stands out in the terms of this discussion, and also demonstrates one of the many reasons that Ripper Casino has become so popular so fast, is in the very different experience gamers have when they play games of skill and games of chance.

The Function of Games of Chance is Fun and Entertainment

Online casino gamers can play games of chance—which are primarily slots but also include roulette, craps, keno, and bingo among others. Many gamers unwind in the evening with a few spins on slots or a few spins of the roulette wheel. This kind of play is functionally impossible at a land-based casino since the players have not come home from work! Instead, they are at the casino from morning until late at night with a few forays to the buffet—free with a voucher—or possibly to walk around.

Try walking around in Las Vegas in July or August!

The many slots that online casinos offer are a great source of simple, relaxing entertainment. Of course, slots and casino gaming are not the only form of quiet, relaxing entertainment. In our view, the games of chance serve the purpose of unwinding after a long day at work and then rewinding the player for the rest of the evening.

What Does a Gamer Do for the Rest of the Evening?

The possibilities are endless. They include hobbies, of which there are literally hundreds, visits to friends, parents, grandparents, and so on. Possibly a gamer will play 30 minutes on slots and then get ready to go out with his or her significant other.

At a land-based casino, there are no family members to visit, possibly no significant other to spend time with, and, in many cases, no hobby to occupy some of the player’s time. There are a few hobbies that lend themselves to time at a land-based casino. Bird watching is one. But they are few and far between.

How are Games of Chance Entertaining?

We can separate craps and roulette from slots for this discussion. The simple reason is that, while craps and roulette are games of chance, there is some skill involved, primarily in avoiding contradictory bets. The betting opportunities in craps and roulette can be confusing and some players do make bets that contradict one from the other.

In slots there is no such problem. You make your bet and you spin the reels; then entertainment takes over.

Color is the first aspect of the entertainment side of slots. Choosing the right colors for the characters is no simple matter. Slots developers have learned that in order for the game to be entertaining, it needs an infusion of brilliant and bright color!

Modern slots are put together by teams of creative people at the many game providers. A slot might be in the works for a few months before it is released to the public. The importance of having creative teams that operate with excellent teamwork is an absolute must in developing slots that entertain.

Thus, it is entertainment value that moves the creative teams that put together the new slots you can play at several online casinos in an evening by playing on Instant Play which affords easy movement between casinos.

Are the Games of Skill Entertaining As Well?

Yes, they are, but in a different way than the way the games of chance are entertaining. This also presents a challenge to the creative teams that have to find a way to make a game with set rules visually entertaining so that the gameplay will be fun.

One way the game providers add fun to the main games of skill which are video poker and blackjack is by creating several versions of the basic game. In video poker, there are many variations each of which presents a slightly different challenge to the players. Blackjack also has several variations,

Ripper Casino is already a leader in its very broad variety of video poker and blackjack. In addition to offering the simple set of these games, Ripper Casino also allows for multi-hand play in both video poker and blackjack. The casino also runs a single deck blackjack game which gives card counters a chance to enhance their chances by counting cards.

The games of skill are entertaining in that they present an intellectual challenge to players. As a result, we have found that many gamers enjoy starting out a session with games of chance and after a while switching to a game of skill.

There is very little more fun than playing multi-hand video poker and getting a very good hand on the deal. Then the big wins pop up as the discarded cards are replaced.

Slots Play Casinos Looks at Gaming

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