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How Intertops Can Help Betting on the Super Bowl

This past year saw a great increase in online casino gaming. All of our partner casinos have experienced this phenomenon. This is primarily because of the coronavirus pandemic, closing so many land-based casinos and triggering local lock-downs finding people at home with more leisure hours to fill. Today we’ll talk about the Intertops family of casinos: Intertops Casino Red, Intertops Casino Classic, Intertops Poker, and especially introducing Intertops Sportsbook. Big advantage: Intertops uses a shared wallet, so one account opens all the possibilities to you.

Advantage to Online Casinos

Even as many land-based casinos are in the process of re-opening in a limited capacity because of the need for social distancing, online casinos continue to see growth. This is largely because so many gamers discovered for the first time that online casino gaming has many advantages over land-based casino gaming.

What are a Few of the Advantages?

Here is a short list of the advantages that online casinos have over land-based casinos:

  1. No travel costs.
  2. Higher return to player rates.
  3. More deposit bonuses.
  4. More games.
  5. No drunks to bother you while you’re playing.

What about Sportsbooks?

One of the things that some players have felt was an advantage of land-based casinos is that so many of them, but not all by any means, also have a sportsbook. That means that players can play the casino games while keeping an eye on the results of the sporting events they bet on.

It might surprise some players to find out that Intertops Casino also runs a sportsbook! This amounts to just another of the many benefits of gaming at Intertops.

The Super Bowl Presents Unique Challenges to Sports Bettors

The Super Bowl is the next big sports event on the world docket of important sporting events. As these words are being written, the Super Bowl is only about two and one half weeks away! The Super Bowl is popular in every country in the world! It is watched by hundreds of millions of people, even many people who don’t know anything about American football.

So, in this article, we will talk about the reasons that betting on the Super Bowl is so difficult. The difficulty leads us to recommend that you avoid betting on the spread. It might be best to not place any bet at all on this game and enjoy it strictly as a spectator.

Still, we know that many will want to put some money down on the game so we will recommend betting only on the over-under.

Why is the Super Bowl so Hard to Handicap?

But first to the reasons that betting on the winner of the Super Bowl and on the spread is so difficult.

The Players Have Two Weeks to Lose their Competitive Edge

From the Conference Championship Games until the Super Bowl are two long weeks. The weeks might have seven days like all weeks and the days may have 24 hours like all days but these two weeks are truly the longest two weeks of the year!

Players are inundated with requests for interviews. It is so easy for a player in the spotlight as a member of a Super Bowl team to lose his competitive edge.

Many Super Bowls are either boring defensive games because the offenses can’t get untracked since offense in American football is all about timing and the timing is the first casualty of the long two week hiatus; or they are blowouts as one team manages to maintain its edge on offense and the opponent stumbles and bumbles o offense.

Thus, betting on the spread is a very risky bet in this game.

The Halftime Period is Too Long

There is an extravaganza of a show at halftime in the Super Bowl. This is done almost entirely for the vast home audience. In the locker room, coaches are trying to put in changes that they hope will help the team win the second half and thus the game. But players are used to a shorter, a much shorter, halftime. From a biological standpoint, players who have expended a great deal of energy on the field in the first half will see their blood vessels, especially the capillaries, reduce dramatically. This allows a lot less oxygen to get to the muscles.

The players who rely on their muscles the most are the linemen, especially the offensive linemen. We see many offensive lines play sluggishly at the start of the second half. It takes time to get their bodies back to full form and by then the game may be out of reach.

If you bet on the spread, you might lose your bet simply because the halftime show was too long!

The Teams Might not Know Each Other

The teams play in different conferences. There are always inter-conference games during the regular season but these two teams may not have played each other during the season. This is usually the case. Thus, each team knows the other only from film. They can learn a lot from film but they can’t see the intangibles, those elements of championship play that are beyond purely physical performance.

The Long Layover Sometimes Causes Injuries and Mistakes on the Field

No one knows why a wide receiver for the New England Patriots blew out his knee on the team’s first play on offense. No one knows why their star receiver dropped a touchdown pass on the next play. For that matter, no one knows if the long wait to play caused the all-time best running back, Walter Payton, to fumble the ball on his first play of the game.

This happened on 1986 in Super Bowl XX. The final score was Chicago 46 New England 10. Did the long wait to paly have any influence on the final score?

Thurman Thomas fumbled the ball early in the third period of Super Bowl 28 and was so overcome with emotion that he was a non-factor for the rest of the game.

One Team Might Play Way over their Head

No one can put a finger on what inspires a team to play far above its natural ability. In Super Bowl III the Baltimore Colts were big favorites over the New York Jets. A few years before the Jets had shocked the sports world when they signed Joe Namath with a $400,000 bonus.

In 1969, Namath led the Jets to one of the biggest upsets in sports history.

In Super Bowl XXII, Doug Williams led the Washington Redskins to 35 points in the second quarter and they went on to win the game handily. Williams was never an elite quarterback in the league but on this Sunday he was the best quarterback ever!

In Super Bowl XXXIV, the St. Louis Rams were known as the Greatest Show on Turf for their powerful offense. The Tennessee Titans were given little chance to win, but the Titans played great both on offense and especially on defense and came within a few inches of tying the game.

In Super Bowl XLII, the New York Giants were thought to have been very lucky to have reached the Super Bowl and were also expected to lose easily to the New England Patriots who had not lost a single game the entire season. Naturally, the Giants won the game!

Proceed with Caution

The NFL Super Bowl is still a great spectacle and well worth watching – even for the commercials. It may not be the best game to place a bet on for the reasons enumerated here.

Finally, as we said earlier we feel that the safest bet to make on a Super Bowl is the over/under. That’s because so many factors can be in play to run up the score. In Super Bowl XX, the Chicago Bears were not expected to win by 36 points! They had not won their previous two playoff games by wide margins. But in Super Bowl XX, the Bears defense scored 9 points and the offense rolled to a total of 46 points!

This is just one example of many. So bet the over/under or watch the game and enjoy it just as it is!

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