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The Next Mega-Winner could be YOU!

Here at Slots Play Casinos, we are happy when a gamer wins big at one of our recommended casinos! It takes a pretty substantial win at any casino—be it land-based or online—for news outlets to report on it. A lot of online casinos such as our recommended casino, Fair Go Casino, have a running banner on their home page that lists all of the most recent big winners.

These casinos might define “big winner” as a person who wins as “little” as a few thousand dollars on a single spin in slots! We know that gamers get excited to read about someone winning $10,000 on up to the much less common six figure and seven figure wins.

Recently, Fair Go Casino experienced a few big wins that made local headlines! We are happy to report on one such big win!

Jackie P. Reels in the Big One!

Ms. Jackie P kissed her husband good bye and good luck as he headed out on a weekend fishing trip. Jackie decided that if her husband could try to reel in a big one fishing, she might reel in a big one spinning!

So, Jackie curled up to play her favorite slot, Plentiful Treasure, and before long she had won a huge $45,000 payout! Needless to say, she chose to keep the big win secret so that she could surprise her husband with it when he brought home a string of minnows!

What Did Her Husband Say?

We can’t say for sure but we might surmise what transpired between them:

“Hello, dear, how was your fishing expedition?”

“It was great!  I caught us a mess o’ minnows!”

“Ooh! I can turn them into a great appetizer for dinner. Half a minnow per person!  Yum!  Should we invite my parents, sisters, brothers, cousins, and neighbors to join us?”

We could invite all those people if I go on another “fishing” trip, this time to the supermarket and bring back a few kilos of steaks.”

“That sounds wonderful! We might even splurge a little on dinner with all those people since I also reeled in a few minnows playing slots at Fair Go Casino!”

“Really? Did you reel in as many “minnows” on slots as I reeled in fishing?”

“Maybe a few more!”

“How many more?”

“About 45,000 more!”

All Kidding Aside, What Should Ms. Jackie P. Do with Her Magnificent Largesse?

That is a very good question!  We see articles that ask that question when a person wins a massive lottery worth as much as nine figures!  Here are a few ideas that Jackie P. and her husband might consider to do with her giant $45,000 win:

  1. Buy a bigger or later model car.
  2. Do some needed home improvements.
  3. Take a real vacation.
  4. Buy a subscription to the next year’s symphony orchestra season.
  5. Invest some of it for long-term gains.

Ms. Jackie P and her husband will have to prioritize how they use or spend the money!

What Do You Mean by a Real Vacation?

We at Slots Play Casinos clearly support online casino gaming over land based gaming. That is not to say that there is no place for gamers to play at land based casinos but, we contend, that the corona virus has taught many people who used to frequent land based casinos that online casino gaming has many advantages over land based gaming.

People who has already discovered the benefits of online gaming long before the corona virus pandemic hit were amused to find their friends suddenly “discovering” the joys of online casino gaming at Fair Go and the many other online casinos we recommend.

One of the many advantages is that there are zero travel costs to play online as opposed to possibly hundreds of dollars getting to and staying at a land based casino.

The travel money that gamers save by playing online can be redirected to fund real vacations! These are vacations in nature, at the sea, cruises on the seas, big city excursions for rural or small town residents, and many other great vacation ideas!

Fair Go Casino Ranks High

At this writing, there are a few thousand online casinos. We have reviewed a relatively small number of them. Each casino that we review meets our strict requirement for security, safety, convenience and comfort, mobile gaming, and many other areas of online gaming that have nothing directly to do with the games.

We also like casinos that have a plentiful supply of excellent games! We realize that a lot of gamers like to play for big jackpots! We also recommend very strongly that gamers who play for big jackpots make sure that the betting requirements fit their gaming budget.

This is how Jackie P won $45,000 playing Plentiful Treasure. She didn’t win a progressive jackpot; she simply played the game and won a very big regular jackpot!

Fair Go Casino for Game Lovers

When we heard about Jackie P’s big win, we decided to revisit Fair Go Casino. We are happy to report that we can still give it our highest recommendation. The casino checks all the boxes and gives gamers a great online gaming experience.

Fair Go also has a great sense of humor as epitomized in Koala’s Diary. The diary is a tongue in cheek delving into the mind of Mascot Koala while the blog is a bit more serious and informative.

We recommend paying a visit to Fair Go Online Casino.

Pay Visits Often the Slots Play Casinos

While you are in the “visiting mood” might we suggest putting a weekly or more frequent trip to Slots Play Casinos in your calendar? We stay ahead of the curve on all matters that relate to online casino gaming! Visit SLOTS PLAY CASINOS!

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