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Instant Play Drives Variety in Online Casino Gaming

One of the best aspects of following online casino gaming here at Slots Play Casinos is that we are not pushing for one casino.  We support online casino gaming for the benefit of our gamers/readers and for the benefit of the many excellent online casinos.

Instant Play casinos are now the driving force in the expanding popularity of online casino gaming.

So let’s look closely at what an instant casino can give gamers and what operating a “play in casino” gives online casinos!

What is Instant Play?

This is software that top online casinos run that allows gamers to play at that casino through the gamers’ internet server.  This simple innovation has great benefits for both gamers and online casinos.

How Much Room Do You Have Left on Your Hard Drive?

The first online casinos were a lot “smaller” than today’s online casinos.  There were many fewer games!  One great advantage that online casinos have over land-based casinos is that cyberspace, where online casinos live, is virtually limitless!

In contrast, all land-based casinos are limited by those darned walls!  Land-based casinos do have an upper limit on the number of games they can offer while online casinos have no such limit.  So, today’s online casinos are “bigger” than ever and would take up a lot of space on gamers’ hard drives if they were to download the casino!

Instant Play makes downloading an online casino to one’s hard drive passe.

Are You Married to a Single Online Casino?

There are thousands of good online casinos!  There is no reason for a gamer to play exclusively at a single online casino.

Here at Slots Play Casinos, we have reviewed and recommended about 30 online casinos.  Instant Play, being driven solely by the internet and not by a heavy download, gives our gamer/readers the chance to play at all of our recommended casinos (and even at casinos we have not reviewed and recommended)!

What are Some Advantages of Using Instant Play to Play at Several Online Casinos?

We often talk about the advantages of playing at an online casino instead of at a land-based casino.  Now, even as we try to stick with the advantages of Instant Play as it affects online casino gaming alone, we find that many of the advantages of online casino gaming “spill over” into the discussion of Instant Play and its advantages!

How Many Online Casino Games are There?

We said that land-based casinos are limited by space considerations when it comes to the number of games they can offer.  An online casino shas no space limitations but it might be limited to the games of an exclusive game provider.

An exclusive game provider may have 500 games!  We think that it adds a huge element of excitement to be able to play 1000 different games form two casinos with different game providers!

Simple arithmetic gives us a few thousand casino games that gamers can play through Instant Play!

How are Games from Different Game Providers Different?

Slots are the big casino game!  Every game provider has its unique style in slots!  Some use more colors or brighter colors.  Some have more of a sense of humor.  Some providers revisit ancient cultures, of which there are many, for slots.

A game provider that revels in ancient societies can have slots from ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt, China, Japan, plus games based on the Incas, the Aztecs, and the Mayans!

Slots Often Have Instant Jackpots

Of course, many slots players love to play progressive jackpot slots.  These are run by the game providers which have truly global reach far beyond the reach of any single online casino.

Here we would like to focus on slots with internal random jackpots.  These games are a lot of fun to play and playing them at several online casinos only enhances the fun!

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Possibly the most significant development in online slots is the many different ways game providers have created for the wild symbols to increase gamers’ winning chances.

We now have stacked wilds, expanding wilds, moving wilds, stuck wilds, and exploding wilds to name just a few wild ways!

This covers slots in short.

Graphics and Animation are Primary Movers of Online Casino Popularity

Every game provider has a graphics and animation staff.  They use the extant graphics and animation software to create great storytelling in slots and also to create great interface and gameplay in all other online casino games.

Craps and roulette are great land-based casino games because they rely on the colorfulness of the roulette or craps tables instead of needing great graphics and animation.  So, online casinos need fantastic graphics and animation to make these games “come alive” online!

Bonuses, Bonuses, Bonuses

Online casinos excel at promotions.  These offerings usually involve deposit bonuses and free spins.  There is a wagering requirement attached to all bonuses and only online casinos can offer bonuses under these rules.

How Does the Wagering Requirement Work?

The wagering requirement is a factor of the bonus.  It is usually about 30x the bonus.  Most players at land-based casinos cannot complete a wagering requirement for a bonus of, say, $1000 in the few days they will be at the casino.

Online casino gamers can complete a wagering requirement much more at their leisure.  Since online gamers generally play in relatively short sessions, it might take a couple of weeks or more to complete a wagering requirement at one casino. In the meantime, they can register at a second casino and get a bonus from that casino as well!

Online Casinos Offer Gigantic Welcome Packages

The biggest online casino bonus offer is that casino’s welcome package for new games.  It is a great way to play casino games online to accept large welcome bonuses of more than $1000 each from a number of online casinos!

Online Casinos Offer Comp Points

Truth be told, land-based casinos also offer comp points.  At land-based casinos, these comp points are kept on players’ cards that the player takes home after their long weekend at the casino.

Online casinos keep track of gamer’s comp points in their giant databases.  Comp points are actually casino credits.  When they reach a critical mass, gamers can redeem them for casino credits.  Land-based casino players “stash away” many thousands of casino credits on their players’ cards sitting in a drawer somewhere.

Instant Play is a driving force in making online casinos attractive.  Slots Play Casinos primarily covers the online casino niche.  We review casinos and games, have a large articles section, publish reviews and playing guides, and generally keep you abreast of developments in the online casino niche.


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