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Ripper Casino Wins Approval from Slots Play Casinos Again

Ripper Casino is one of the newest of the casinos we here at Slots Play Casinos have reviewed and recommended.  Ripper Casino is an online casino that knows how to have fun!  They know how to get gamers to have fun, too.

One way to get gamers to have fun is to offer a lot of different games!  So, as a service to all the Ripperers in the audience and every gamer looking for a fun place to hang their gamer’s hat, we will take a look at some of the less-known games on offer at Ripper Casino!

Everyone Knows How to Play Slots!

Well, for one thing, at Ripper Casino, slots are called pokies!  That’s because Ripper Casino serves the Australian gaming public as well as any casino can!

Slots are a lot more than bet and spin!  Every slot has a theme.  Getting into the themes is as much fun as winning a nice jackpot!  Ripper Casino makes it super easy to go from slot, excuse us, pokie to pokie.

Do You Know How to Play All of the Games?

Probably not!

So, what does Ripper Casino do?  They give you a demo for every game.  The demo gives you an idea of how to play the game.  Some games are pure games of chance with no strategy while some games are games of skill in which correct strategy gives gamers the chance to get very close to 100% return to player rate.

When you play with the correct strategy, it takes just a little luck to get into the black!

Ripper Casino Has a Lot of Fun Games of Chance

Plinko is a game you don’t see at every online casino.  This is a pyramid bouncing ball or other object.  You can play in high-risk, medium-risk, or low-risk mode.  In high-risk mode, you should expect to lose over the course of play. In low-risk mode, you could end up even or a little one way or the other.

Plinko is a fun game and points to two of the characteristics that make Ripper Casino stand out.

Graphics and Animation

The first characteristic that makes Ripper stand out is the amazing graphics in every game.  Some game providers have ho-hum graphics.  All of the games at Ripper Casino have amazing graphics.  In addition, in every game where cards, symbols, or characters move, the animation is simply breathtaking.

How Many Game Providers Does Ripper Have?

We lost count but suffice it to say that Ripper knows a good thing when they see it.  They get to choose the most fun games from several top game providers!  You’ll have a great time playing Turbo Poker, Casino Holdem, Double Edge Poker, Pai Gow Poker, Magic Poker, Caribbean Beach Poker, War, and Baccarat Zero Commission.

Here are the highlights in these games:

  1. Turbo Poker is a variation of video poker but you need at lest two pair to win.  The payouts are very good, equivalent to 15-9 video poker which doesn’t exist in Jacks or Better.
  2. In Casino Holdem, the player makes all of the decisions.  To stay in the hand, you double your bet.  On the turn and the river, the player can check.
  3. In Double Edge Poker, the dealer has to qualify for you to win all of your bets.  You can play two hands.
  4. In Pai Gow Poker, you get seven cards.  You have to form a hand of two cards and a hand of five cards.  The larger hand has to be stronger than the smaller hand.  It is often the correct strategy to separate pairs so that you might win both the high hand and the low hand.
  5. Magic Poker is similar in gameplay to Turbo Poker but you get three deals altogether.
  6. Caribbean Beach Poker is similar to regular poker.  The player makes all of the decisions and to stay in the hand, you have to add a second bet double the first bet.
  7. Ripper also carries French Roulette which is not usual for an online casino. In French Roulette, if you lose an even money bet, you get another chance to win that bet!
  8. Minesweeper is a great game in which you choose squares hoping to avoid the mine.  At every stage, you can choose to collect your winnings.

What Else Makes Ripper a Great Online Casino?

In every game, they have the word “Fun” on the bets, on the outcomes, and just all around.  Ripper Casino is out to have fun!

Because of the large number of games from different game developers, Ripper is a great casino for gaming parties.

The most striking thing about the pokies at Ripper Casino is that they are all so colorful!  Gold is a favorite color with red and green close behind.

Ripper Runs Many Promotions

The key to promotions is how high the bonuses go.  At Ripper, the Welcome Package is worth up to $7500 (Australian Dollars).  After that, the casino offers many bonuses for deposits with three different cryptocurrencies, for deposits with Neosurf, for playing the two pokies of the month, for playing table games, and for playing in a tournament.

Ripper Casino Understands the Importance of Fun

At Ripper, the emphasis on fun is not just a reflection of the laid-back Australian ethos.  It is a kind of religion at Ripper.  It shows up in the way the games are presented and how they play.

Just as the walkabout is a favorite excursion for Aussies, so does Ripper Casino invite gamers to “walk about” the casino!  Instant Play makes gaming easy at Ripper.  Instant Play also makes it possible for gamers to walk about the internet, sampling games from other online casinos.

Ripper is not intimidated at all by this freedom of movement on the part of gamers.  In fact, the casino welcomes gamers checking out other casinos because Ripper knows that in the (paraphrased) immortal words of the Terminator: “They’ll be back”.

Slots Play Casinos Urges Gamers to Check out Ripper Casino

Ripper is a casino with the word “fun” emblazoned on every page!  We are sure that at the very least, a walk about Ripper will make it one of your go-to online casinos if not THE go-to online casino.

And, may we urge you to….


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