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Slots Play Casinos Finds Much to Like about Liberty Slots

Here at Slots Play Casinos, we do our best to keep ahead of the curve on all matters that affect online casino gaming.  We have been revisiting the casinos that we have previously reviewed and recommended.

So, we went to Liberty Slots Casino and lo and behold, we discovered that the casino had changed its game provider from Amatic to WGS.  We went straight to our review of Liberty Slots and changed that one data point on our review!

Here we are in our revisit of Liberty Slots Casino.  We may not have noticed a few things about Liberty Slots before so we will talk about them now.  There are also a few things that we should explain in a bit more depth.

Liberty Slots Casino Uses the Games from WGS

Well, now you know!

This is important because of the great advantage that Instant Play gives online casino gamers: you can go from casino to casino sampling their games, taking advantage of their many promotions, and simply having a great time in a diverse gaming environment.

WGS is a wonderful game provider and we should go over some of the games they provide to Liberty Slots Casino.

Online Gaming Starts with Slots

Most online casinos have a big library of slots.  We saw on our revisit at Liberty Slots that the casino excels at bringing 3-reel slots to their gamers!  The casino carries 30 three-reel slots.

We also saw that in most cases a gamer can get a free demo of their 3-reel slots.  Way too many online casinos do not offer a free demo on their landing page but Liberty Slots does.

Most gamers find 3-reel slots a little boring so why does Liberty Slots offer so many?  First, WGS has them!  Second, with the infinite space of cyberspace, Liberty Slots has no reason not to carry them!

No land-based casino would ever feature 30 three-reel slots since they need the limited floor space for modern video slots and a few tables for table games such as Roulette, Craps, and Blackjack.

Does Liberty Slots Also Have a Large Selection of 5-Reel Slots?

Indeed, they do.

The casino uses the modern term “video slots” to designate the slots with more reels.  They carry over 100 five-reel slots and have demo versions for almost all of them.  You can get in a lot of gaming fun just by going from one demo to another!

Blackjack Maybe the King of All Table Games

There is much more limited variation in blackjack than in slots!  That goes without saying since video slots are themed and blackjack is 21 every time you play.  Thus, Liberty Slots Casino offers “only” 6 variations of blackjack.  We liked being able to play every variation in demo mode!

Blackjack, like video poker up next, has a 99.5% return to player rate if the gamer uses the best strategy on every hand.  We never took insurance when it was offered since it is statistically a very poor bet!

Video Poker is the Poker Game with No Bluffing!

There are many variations of video poker.  The game is usually based on Jacks or Better but we also see Tens or Better, Aces and Faces, and other variations.  Gamers who love to play video poker often say that they like poker but not bluffing.

This is similar to someone saying that he likes driving but doesn’t like traffic!

As we said above, video poker has a return-to-player rate of about 99.5% if the gamer plays every hand correctly.

This means that gamers can play both blackjack and video poker for the fun of it since their bottom line after a session will be either a tick or two to the red or a tick or two to the black.

Liberty Slots Offers European Roulette

We have always understood that roulette and craps play better at a land-based casino than an online casino.  That is because land-based casino operators encourage players to whoop and holler loudly as the roulette wheel spins or the dice roll.

As good as the graphics and animation are in craps and roulette from WGS, casinos online cannot compete with the whooping and hollering on land.  Still, online casinos do offer these classic games and we are always ready to praise a casino that offers European Roulette.

You see, roulette in the United States and in many other locations is American Roulette.  Land-based casinos really cannot devote floor space for more than one roulette set up so they offer American Roulette.

The upshot of all this is that the house edge in American Roulette, because of the 00 along with the 0, is twice the house edge in European Roulette.

We always recommend playing European Roulette.

Let’s Talk Some More about Graphics and Animation

At a land-based casino, a lot of the games are live.  In those games, graphics and animation play no part.  It is true that the tables in all of the table games have to be perfect and without any blemishes.

A lesser land-based casino will have older tables, tears and stains in the carpet, and many other blemishes that make playing there less than pleasant.  With the advent of great online casino gaming, we feel that there is never any reason to play at a lesser land-based casino, ever!

If the quality of the surroundings is what makes a land-based casino attractive, it is the graphics and animation that do the same for an online casino such as Liberty Slots.

Here is yet another reason why we are happy to report that the games that Liberty Slots features are from WGS Gaming and are as good as the games from any other game provider.

Game providers have to be able to convert improving graphics and animation into their games.  Not all game providers are up to this task but WGS certainly is!

Kudos to Liberty Slots and their game provider WGS.

Everyone Loves a Tournament

The last item on our list of things we like about Liberty Slots is that they sponsor a lot of tournaments.  Many online casinos have tournaments.  These tournaments are usually in slots.  Liberty Slots Casino sponsors tournaments in many game categories!

The buy-ins for a tournament range from a high of about $20 to a low of about…..$000!  These are free roll tournaments.  Now, with so many free tournaments and with super low buy-ins in other tournaments, the prize pool is always small.

That works toward achieving what we consider to be the best goal an online casino can set for itself: to maximize fun and to get gamers to see online casino gaming as a form of entertainment.

So, How Did Liberty Slots Casino Do?

The casino did very well, indeed!

We are happy to be able to recommend Liberty Slots once again!

Slots Play Casinos stays abreast of activities in the online casino niche.  We are in the process of revisiting the casinos we have previously recommended.


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