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The Lincoln Casino Login is Key to the Winners Circle

Seeing an online casino that showcases a winner’s list isn’t new to us at Slots Play Casinos. In fact, it is a common feature that you’ll come across at pretty much any casino you play at, but what has us excited is the Winner’s Circle at Lincoln Casino. Keep reading to find out how your Lincoln Casino login is key!

Winners Lists at Online Casinos

As we’ve mentioned, winners lists at online casinos are nothing new. Most (but not all) casinos have a list of recent winners embedded either into the website’s homepage, or the casino lobby. It’s an attractive feature that alerts potential new players that playing at the casino can lead to big wins.

The downside to most of these winners lists – or recent winners – is that the information provided is very limited. In nearly all instances, you can only see the player’s name and the amount of money they won. If you’re lucky, the casino might even display the game that the win was bagged on – but that’s about as much as you get.

Lincoln Casino Winners Circle

This is where Slots Play Casinos gets excited! Before you even engage the Lincoln Casino login to access the lobby, you’ll notice a unique section that is a rarity in the online casino world, and that is the ‘Winners Circle’. If you’re playing on PC, you’ll find it on the left of your screen in the menu options. If you’re on mobile, tap the hamburger menu.

What is the Lincoln Casino Winners Circle all about? Well, this section congratulates members who engaged the Lincoln Casino login, made a real money deposit, and played any game of their multi-software game menu – and won. Things get really interesting though!

A Transparent View of Recent Wins at Lincoln Casino

If this section only contained the name of players and the amount of money they won, it definitely wouldn’t have been worthy of a mention here at Slots Play Casino. Yet the Lincoln Casino login unlocks so much more, and their Winner Circle is proof of that.

Head over to the Winners Circle at Lincoln Casino, and you’ll find rows of recent winners with the following information included:

Winning Game Information

Firstly, the Winners Circle will give you all the information you need about the game that resulted in the grand payout via the Lincoln Casino login, as follows:

  • The Game: A large game thumbnail with a “PLAY NOW” button underneath it.
  • Bet Range: The games bet range, in other words, the minimum to maximum bets.
  • Paylines: If it’s a slot that served up the win, you’ll get details on the number of paylines.
  • Bonus: This will say either ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, depending on whether the game offers a bonus feature.
  • Free Spins: Again, if it was a slot, a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ will tell you whether it offers a free spins feature.

In other words, this incredible casino tells you exactly what game is spitting our dollar bills like it is one of Oprah’s Favorite Things. It’s an instant way for you to recognize what games you can play once you hit that Lincoln Casino login for a great shot at good fortune.

Other Winners Circle Info

During the sign-up process, you’ll obviously need to provide some personal information before you can engage the Lincoln Casino login. Make sure you provide accurate information, as you could soon see your own name on the Winners Circle! In addition to game data, the Winners Circle features:

  • Player Name: The first name of the player who won.
  • The Bet: This tells you how much the player wagered when they triggered the payout.
  • Date: The date of the win – down to the day, month and year.
  • The ‘How’: If the win landed during a bonus feature or free spins, this info will be featured.
  • Win Amount: The amount of money that was won – displayed in dollars and cents.

Top Games in the Winners Circle at Lincoln Casino

We know you’d love to know which games are responsible for some epic wins! The list is expansive, but let’s take a peep at some of them:

  • Robin in the Woods: A 5-reel, 40-payline slot by Arrow’s Edge. It features a medieval theme inspired by the legend of Robin Hood. The game has wild symbols, scatter symbols, free spins, and more.
  • Chase the Cheddar: A 5-reel, 4-row progressive slot powered by Arrow’s Edge. It features a comical ‘cat and mouse game’ theme. There are free spins, a bonus feature and a random jackpot.
  • Wheel of Chance II: This 5-reel, 20-payline slot by WGS Technology is a sequel to the popular Wheel of Chance slot, which is based on the classic game show Wheel of Fortune. The game wild and scatter symbols, free spins, and a wheel bonus feature.

Other games featuring on the Winners Circle right now include Mine All Mine, Crazy Cat Lady, Mile High, Wheel of Chance Quick Spin, Ultimate 10X, 7X Lucky 7s, Medusa’s Millions and more. This tells Slots Play Casinos, and you, that there are ample opportunities to spin and win big via the Lincoln Casino login!

Use Your Lincoln Casino Login – Feature on the Winners Circle!

Do you all see why we here at Slots Play Casinos are so excited about the Winner Circle? What other online casino gives you real-time data, down to the finer details, of what games pay the most, how much they pay, what bet size triggered the win, and how must and how it was won. Not many… if any!

This level of transparency is truly fantastic and it’s something that we’d love to see more of. Who knows, maybe other casinos will cotton on and make it easier for you to identify winning titles.

Slots Play Casino Recommends Joining Lincoln Casino Today

Apart from the Winners Circle, Lincoln Casino is overall a top online casino that comes highly recommended by Slots Play Casinos. You can expect a stellar experience with an elaborate game menu, great perks like double rewards points, match bonuses, free spins, and cryptocurrency bonuses – not to mention the Lincoln Rewards loyalty program.

If you haven’t joined yet, now is a great time to grab one of the special offers here at Slots Play Casino, and to make a beeline for that Lincoln Casino login button. You might just be the next lucky player to see your name and big win feature in the Winners Circle!

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